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Who is the Archangel Gabriel? Savior and bearer of good news

Who is the Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel he is the angel of the Annunciation, of death, resurrection and compassion.

He is regarded as the divine messenger who reveals the will of God to humanity, as the one in charge of announcing his plans and actions.

The legend says that Gabriel is the left hand of God, since he is the one that is closest to man and is always placed to the left of the Supreme.

This sacred Archangel represents in our life:

  • Aspirations,
  • love,
  • the hope,
  • the revelations,
  • nature,
  • the arts,
  • emotions and
  • the creativity.

The Archangel Gabriel represents the beginning of everything and the end, death and Resurrection.

It is supposed to be the one that helps us go through the entire path of life, so that our soul rises and thus reincarnates for our evolution towards Love, towards Oneness.

He is the Prince of angels and his name has several meanings:

The three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
The three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
  • "Man of God",
  • "Force of God",
  • "Hero of God" or
  • "The Humanity of God."

Gabriel is also the archangel who takes care of our relationships with the Angels, with each other, with animals and nature.

His image reflects purity, so he is always dressed in white and in his hands he has a flower, a lily, which signifies the love and humility he shows when he presents himself in front of the Virgin Mary.

Gabriel is mentioned three times in the Bible:

  1. First of all, talk to Daniel in the Old Testament,
  2. With Zacharias in the book of Luke, to announce the arrival into the world of John the Baptist
  3. With Mary, at the Annunciation, to announce the arrival of Jesus.

Although he is not called an archangel in the Bible, he is currently recognized by that name and is also a saint, along with Michael and Raphael.

The archangel Gabriel and the archangel michaelThey are included among the most important representatives of God, both in the Abrahamic religions and in the modern spirituality of the New Age.

Even in Islamic traditions, it is reflected that Gabriel is sent to many prophets with divine revelations and mandates. It is said that God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad through Gabriel.

Representations of Gabriel: symbol of protection and compassion

Archangel Gabriel

It is said that it was the archangel Gabriel, who in Christianity announced the arrival of Jesus to Mary. That is why he is called God's messenger and bearer of good news. 

Gabriel is the angel that appears in ancient paintings, kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary offering her a lily.

Defender of pregnant women and children:

Also because of that history, he is considered a protector of pregnant women, newborns, babies and young children.

The Archangel Gabriel helps to carry out the entire process of the fetal formation of the baby in the womb.

Divine Messenger:

He is almost always represented in his role as messenger, having been the bearer of the news of the Incarnation.

For this reason, he is sometimes represented with a trumpet. It is said that he will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day to awaken the sleeping souls.

It is a source of inspiration in art:

Likewise, many believers indicate that it is Gabriel, the archangel who inspires artists, singers, dancers, poets, writers and all kinds of creators because they are people who cultivate purity.

That is why he is represented many times with a scroll or a quill in his hand.

Guide and protector of beings on Earth:

The archangel Gabriel is also the one who guides the pure emotions and feelings that lead the human being to goodness and divine love, that is why it is said that he always helps us to overcome obstacles on the path of life.

He advocates that human beings can maintain or regain the innocence, purity and joy they had during their first years of life and helps souls to reincarnate.

Pray to the Archangel Gabriel for our salvation and ask for help and protection

To the Archangel Gabriel, we can pray fundamentally in moments of great despondency and for him to help us eliminate any negative condition, affliction, poverty, etc.

The Archangel Gabriel will help us because:

  • Gather and pacify estranged people,
  • Makes the home peaceful and intervenes in disputes,
  • strengthens us in depressive states,
  • give love for people to regain peace, joy and health,
  • supports to elevate the soul and cleanse the spirit.

We can also invoke it when we want to make beneficial changes in life, for example, buying a new house, getting married, a new project or job.

He will ward off falsehood and help us in choosing good company.

Prayer to Saint Gabriel the Archangel to ask for protection and against enemies, evils and dangers

Thus we pray to the archangel Gabriel to ask for his help and protection

Archangel Gabriel, ambassador of God the Father, messenger of hope and holy protector of all who haveabitawe see the earth

You who guide your faithful along the path of life and do not allow obstacles to prevent them from knowing love and happiness

Holy Angel of the Lord, you who bring the light, who bañaBe with your purity to the devotees and keep away from them all the evils

Archangel Gabriel, I come to you today to ask you to remove sadness from my life and give me back the joy and the will to live

Bring to me the love of my Father, the Lord our God, to alleviate my emotional lacks, my physical and material needs, to lavish on me the compassion that I so require.

My saving angel, I know that only you can alleviate my loneliness and bring me peace. Appease my fear, cure my fears, mitigate my anguish

Oh Angel of the Lord! calm my sorrows and bring me comfort.

Light my path and free it from temptations, so that I can reach the blessings that so much I crave.

Oh Angel of the Lord, strength of God! Intercede for me so that I may be granted a miracle and thus achieve the earthly happiness that I so desire.

You who are the bearer of the good news, protect my home and my family, do not allow the shadows of evil to penetrate my house

Saint Gabriel, Archangel of purity, I thank you for what you mean to me, for your constant help and the immense peace that you grant me.

Do not stop guiding the steps that I take, keep my ways and accompany me, to never feel unprotected and alone

I will thank you forever and I will always carry you in my heart.


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