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Who is the archangel Remiel? I pray to heal the soul and drive away fear

Who is the archangel Remiel

Remiel is one of the seven archangels admitted by the Christian church.

Archangel Remiel conforms to one of the seven archangels that are mentioned in the Book of Enoch, specifically in verse 20:18.

What does Archangel Remiel do? Your mission

This Archangel has been given the task of knowing how far it will be up to the righteous to wait for their prize.

Also, he has been given the authority to give the reward to the revived.

In the Book of Revelation it is pointed out that this archangel is the one who will give the reward to the righteous, after they are complete.

Remiel is an archangel who has been sent by God to:

  • Watch over the righteous of the earth.
  • Complete and award your respective reward for your fidelity to the merciful God.
  • Wait for those who have acted in accordance with divine designs, so that they may obtain the reward of eternal life, promised by God.

It is also recognized by the archangel who awaits those who will be resurrected in the name of God.

We invoke Remiel whenever we want to achieve God's mercy.

In the battles, he takes his place alongside Sariel and Jofiel, carrying the scale of truth that will judge all those who have acted unjustly or violently and all the evil entities that corrupt the world and souls.

What does Archangel Remiel mean? The meaning of his name

Remiel in Hebrew is known as: Thunder of god.

The different variants and meanings that have been given to the name Ramiel have been since:

  • Thunder,
  • thunder,
  • noise,
  • bewilderment.

That is, a large number of names, among which they have also accepted (love, God's mercy).

However, other meanings are also known to him, including: love, compassion and mercy.

Ramiel is also known as a Fallen Angel, as he was one of the 20 leaders of the Fallen Angels, condemned for his lust. Although in the end he did not decide to be an enemy of God and asked for forgiveness, obtaining the powers that were granted to him to act from the good.

Legends and characteristics associated with Archangel Remiel

In the Apocalypse of Baruch of Syriac origin, Remiel plays a leading role and is presented as "the angel who presides over the true visions, since it is said that he makes a messianic interpretation of Baruch's vision of "the black waters and the white waters." , deciphering the meaning of sin and redemption and manifesting himself as the victor over Sennacherib.

Remiel is closely related to hope, since he is the representative of the spirit that triumphs on earth and that will be rewarded with the fruits harvested during his life.

It is also a symbol of the resurrection, with great wisdom and considered the archangel of waiting for being in charge of the resurrected.

He is also tasked with leading men to the final judgment.

  • Archangel Remiel Color: Blue and white
  • The day of Archangel Remiel: September 29th.

How is Remiel Arcángel represented? His attributes

  • It is represented with a very feminine and smiling aspect.
  • He wears sky blue clothing, sometimes white.
  • He carries the scale of truth, an object that weighs the works of all human beings in life who wait outside the gates of heaven, waiting to receive their reward.
  • He carries with him a luminous halo with which he is always recognized by those who await the resurrection in his name at the entrance to heaven.

Remiel is the angel who helps people. How does his power benefit us?

  • Seek the balance of the world through peace, positive thinking and harmony.
  • His task is also to guide those who have lost their way, so that they come closer to God and to the divine light.
  • It seeks to help derailed souls so that they are not judged.

For this reason, he is considered a very benevolent archangel who intercedes for all those who are waiting to be able to enjoy the rewards of the other world with God.

Summon Remiel when we lose hope and faith

If we feel alone and lost on the path of life we ​​must go to the archangel Remiel, who will be our guide.

If we call on him, he will offer us comfort, hope, motivation and a lot of love, and he will show us little by little how to return to God's grace through positive actions that show us how much we can really do.

When should we invoke it?

We invoke Remiel to bring us God's mercy, when we have lost hope of improvement and feel that we are doomed.

This archangel will come to cure us of all evil and help us to find new paths of faith.

Let us know that we must always pray to Remiel asking for help from the heart, so that the angel comes and illuminates us with his powerful light of faith and hope.

Prayer of the Archangel Remiel to help us overcome evil

  • We light him a blue or white candle, and with a representation of him we invoke him.

So we pray to Remiel to ask him to show us the way of faith.

 O Archangel Remiel! Guide of humanity, benevolent angel who illuminates the roads with hope and faith, I pray that my prayer reaches you and you hear my words

Today I pray that you save those souls who have passed to the threshold of death and are waiting to be resurrected to achieve eternal life with the Most High.

You who are so kind and help us in correcting our mistakes to get back on the right track

Archangel Remiel, you who guide us to make good decisions in the course of our lives and help us to correct those faults in our actions

Remiel, you who forgive and protect your faithful, today I invoke you, my angel, to help me see clearly.

So that in this way we can reach the promise of resurrection and heal our souls.

I ask you to help me undo my fears and anxieties about what my eyes have not yet seen.

Guide my way for the good before what comes, help me to correct the course of life for just changes, in order to reach the gates of heaven and be rewarded

In the name of God I invoke you at this moment, Archangel Remiel, to help me see clearly and know how to distinguish good from evil.

I ask you to help me to get away from my path injustices, dangers, sadness and difficulties and all those temptations that drive me to act against my principles.

So be it, amen

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