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Who is the Orisha Aggayú Solá? Knowledge test

Who is Agayú?

Agayú: Who governs the forces of nature.

Aggayú Solá (Agayú) is a deity of the Yoruba pantheon that is characterized by a very angry fire character.

Aggayú is the greatest deity of the desert and the dry land. Father of Shango and Patron of the City of Havana, of walkers, motorists, aviators and stevedores.

I salute this deity:

Greetings Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní! and among its objects of power is a two-headed ax and a rod.

His dances and tools of power:

In his dances he usually takes giant steps and raises his feet very high as if walking over obstacles and raising his Oché (bipenne red and white double-edged ax, adorned with yellow, red and blue beads), also likes to carry the children on their shoulders.

It is the staff (staff) of Obatalá and his costume is dark red and he wears a handkerchief of various colors around his waist.

As part of the transculturation process, this orisha also adopted the name of a Catholic saint.

In nature it is the earthly force:

In nature it represents various elements and symbolizes the natural force of these on earth.

Agayú is the desert, isolated places, fights, obstacles, mountañas and tops. The terrestrial forces that relate to it represent very powerful energies like the lava that perforates the earth's crust. In the human representation he is a boatman on a river.

This Orisha is asked with her strength to help us emerge unscathed from the fury of the earth to which we are so vulnerable due to her great power.

It is highly revered because it represents the force of nature in its maximum expression, it is the one who dominates all the natural transformations and events that manifest on earth, catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, movements in the sea and all the natural energies that govern the laws of the universe.

In the following 10-question test you will discover much more about this powerful Orisha of the Yoruba religion.

Play and learn.

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