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Who is the Orisha Babalú Ayé? Knowledge test

Who is Babalu Aye

Babalú Ayé: Father of the world

He is one of the main deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

He is a well known and revered orisha by his devotees. Greets Jekúa Babalu Ayé agronic! and the believers they ask for a lot of health and that it brings healing to the sick.

It is related to all diseases, mainly leprosy, syphilis, gangrene and venereal diseases.

The dogs accompanied himañan, these animals are attributed to him, which at the same time take care of him, full of pustules and scabs, the dogs lick his sores trying to heal them.

In the Afro-Cuban religion it is syncretized with Saint Lazarus, both deities are venerated every December 17, that day Cuba dresses in faith to thank the Saint-Orisha for his mercy.

Compassionate but just with offenses:

Babalú Ayé is compassionate, humble, heals and heals his children on earth, he knows about diseases, regrets and anguish and gives the sick what they need to heal.

He is a very feared and respected deity, he personifies himself as a sick old man, his feet are twisted and his hands are clenched, his spine bent and he walks with difficulty because he is lame, he uses crutches and crawls, he sleeps on gates and portals.

What is promised to Babalú must be fulfilled:

He is a humble and proud Orisha, he punishes harshly and justly with what is broken, forgotten promises and disobediences. He punishes by crushing the body and sending all kinds of diseases.  

In nature:

He is a pilgrim of all roads, and in nature he hides in the ivy to cover himself from the sun, flies and mosquitoes are his messengers.

Its object of power is the palm of corojos or coconuts, I accompany itaña a palm branch with a piece of sack tied and snail shells adorn it; he blessed the cañaThey are wild and that is why they are protected from lightning.

Among his favorite foods, he likes corn on the cob, custard apple, pigeon pea and all the beans, peanuts, sesame, and bread.

Habita in clay pots covered with another pot that cannot be uncovered (both have holes to feed).

Below we have carried out a Test with a selection of 10 questions, where you can learn about many more characteristics that define this orisha. Accept the challenge.

Play and learn! Do not forget to share and join our community that spreads knowledge.

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