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Who is the Orisha Elegguá? The Little Giant of the Yorubas

Who is Eleguá?

Eleguá is the owner of our happiness and destiny

Eleguá, commonly called the little giant, because he is the smallest, but also a very powerful orisha, represents the first protection and must always be counted on, whether to make decisions or do religious work.

But Who is Eleguá? Let's see its main characteristics below:

Owner of the roads:

Absolute owner of destiny, God of the crossroads, roads and messenger of the Gods, he is the son of Obatalá and Yemú.

In nature it is symbolized by the rocks, it is the main interpreter of the letters of the Diloggun, his hand of snails consists of 21, which are his twenty-one paths and is the largest of all compared to those of other Orishas. By excellence he is concerned with the Oracle of the coconut.

He is the gatekeeper of the savannah and the mountain, he is also the one who opens the astral of happiness, opens and closes the happiness and unhappiness of men.

Take care of the house of who owns it, it is commonly located behind the doors.

Eleguá's clothing:

All Eleggúa's clothes are adorned with snails. He always goes around with his doodle, a pair of sack pants and a red hat.

The scribble opens up paths:

With his scribble he always makes the gesture of opening paths, and with this tool he is able to open the way on the most difficult paths and dense vegetation.

  • The doodle is a stick from the guava tree who possesses the ashé and power of the orisha, with this he goes through the thick of the mountain, removing the undergrowth and the bad from the path of men.

His messenger is the mouse, it is his favorite food and also the hutía.

He is granted all kinds of toys used by the little ones, including kites, whistles, balls, little soldiers, in short, a naughty and playful child.

He comes down to earth and is like a child:

When Eleggúa "goes down" to earth he runs, hides behind doors, contorts and begins to jump, does pirouettes and his movements are those of a child.

He is much loved by his devotees, he is an Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon highly respected and recognized for helping to remove obstacles to achieve certain situations successfully and belongs to the seven African Powers.

Greetings to Eleguá:

  • Greetings: Laroyé Eleggúa!

So far we have told you a little about the Orisha, now challenge knowledge and answer the 10 questions that we have prepared for this question and answer test.  

We invite you to take the following test about Eleguá:

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Learn about some of the powerful attentions, offerings and rituals on behalf of Eleguá:

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