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Who is the Orisha Obatala? 10 questions about the great white father

Who is Obatalá?

Obatalá is one of the most powerful Orishas and of greater authority within the Yoruba religion.

His name means "king of purity", he is the owner of white metals, especially silver, he rules thoughts and dreams. Son of Constitution y Olodumare.

It belongs to the group of head oshas and symbolizes the creation of man, the birth of the gods and everything habitable on earth.

Represents peace, harmony, stability, patience, mercy and intelligence; his crown is adorned with sixteen parrot feathers, a sacred animal in Africa.

Baba (father) does not like anything dark, his color is white, he is very neat, he does not resist dirt and by dressing his children in white he purifies their lives, blessing his way to receive more pure actions from humanity.

Among his adimuses (offerings) mostly white elements are found:

  • The meringues,
  • custard,
  • rice pudding,
  • coconut candy,
  • White flowers,
  • yam balls and bread.

It has 16 paths, of which 11 are male and 5 female.

  • In his warrior ways he wears a red band on his chest.
  • Its main weapon is the Iruke (horse tail) and it is made from the horse's mane.

What is asked of Obatalá? Our father in the Osha

He is the father of all the children on earth and owner of all heads and thoughts, intercessor of his children in the face of difficulties and problems.

He is the patron of wisdom and intelligence, owner of human feelings.

  • He is invoked for good, to give strength to the soul, to appease spirits, he is the patron of doctors and lawyers.
  • Good health is always requested of him because it helps to disappear diseases and keep us healthy, he is very protective and kind when asked with great faith.

Challenge knowledge by answering 10 questions and learn more about this remarkable and powerful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon

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Learn about some of the offerings that you can offer to the Orisha Obatala:

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