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Who is the Orisha Oduduwá? Knowledge test

Orisha Oduduwa Oddua

Oduduwá: Lord of the Other World

Oduduwá or Oddúa is one of the main Orishas of the Yoruba religion for his role as creator in the formation of the world and the birth of life together with Obatala who was according to mythology his greatest enemy in the process of creating the universe.

Ancient stories tell that Oddúa was the true creator deity of the world, since Obatalá failed to do so under the orders of Olodumare "Supreme god".

Materially it manifests itself as the formation of everything that exists, including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

He was the first Oní (king) and founder of Ife, from where life was born according to Yoruba theology. It is personified as the first Obá that Itá made on earth, so it is especially related to Orula and the teachings of the secret of Ifá. Regarding other Orishas, ​​he is connected to Obatalá in the process of creation and to Oshún.

Orisha Oduduwá: King of the Ancients

He has mysterious links with death, he is the main ruler of the secrets of the Eggun and Ikú (death), and uses the spirits to manifest.

His name comes from the Yoruba Odùdúwá (Lord of the other world or of our destiny), he is directly related to the ancestors and the depths of the earth, he is the one who represents all the mysteries and secrets of death.

The Orisha Oduduwá lives in the deep darkness of the night and one of the physical characteristics attributed to him is that he has a single phosphorescent eye. It has no shape or figure, it is a great spiritual mass that possesses great power.

You are greeted: Aremú Oduduwá, Jekuá !.

Deity that holds ancient mysteries:

This powerful Orisha is attributed the color white, his tools are kept secret and cannot be disclosed due to his great ancestral power.

To receive it, the ceremony will be held in the hands of Babalawos and those who have this deity crowned should not argue, or raise their voices in front of him or any other disrespectful act, they should avoid all kinds of conflicts and always try to do one thing at a time. .

Oduduwá Syncretism:

This Orisha like many others, also adopted a Catholic name resulting from the process of transculturation, it is compared to Jesus Christ or the Blessed Sacrament.

In the following 10-question test you can learn much more about this deity.

Play and learn.

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