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Who is the Orisha Ogún? Knowledge test

Who is Ogún?

Ogún: God of Iron

Ogún (Oggún) is an orisha of great authority within the Yoruba pantheon, very strong by nature, symbolizing hard work, strength and beginnings.

He is also known as the Iron God, he is the protective deity of blacksmiths, warriors, hunters, technicians and drivers.

Oggún is violent, and he is not afraid of anyone, he faces any enemy and is very cunning. He is part of the Warriors group, along with Eleggua y oshosi.

Greets Oke Oggun! Oggun Kobú Kobú, Aguanilé! and as part of the syncretization process he also adopted the name of a Catholic saint.

Represents strength, work and virility. The machete represents the power of Oggún, he uses it to fight and to break through the narrow vegetation of the mountain, and in hunting, the (black) dogs are his companions on the mountain.

He is the owner of keys, chains and prisons, God of wars, metals and hospitals, God of secrets and realizer of human potential and together with Oshosi he forms a powerful union, which represents strength in the face of life.

It is a direct messenger of Obatala, son of Obatala and Yemú and brother of Eleggua and Oshosi.

A tiger skin bag adorned with snails always hangs from her shoulder. His dance is the warrior's dance (always brandishing his machete) and the worker's dance (hammering like a blacksmith).

It is said that, in our Yoruba religion, kissing a machete or sword in the name of Oggún can swear truth in a religious court.

His devotees fully trust in his miracles and his strength to cope with difficult life situations. A lot of strength is asked of him to move forward, firmness for our goals, that with his machete he clears our path of curses and makes way for new opportunities.

If you want to know more about who Ogún is, you will discover her in the following test where you can deepen your knowledge about this warrior orisha by nature.

Play and learn.

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