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Who is the orisha Oke? Knowledge test

Who is oke

Oke: Keeper of the Orishas

Oke is one of the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon that is closely related to mother earth, it symbolizes the mountains.añas, the hills and elevations of the land.

He is a deity of great respect, he has many devotees for his great knowledge and wisdom, much stability, prosperity and firmness are asked of him for men on earth.

It has a lot to do with fertility, the progress of sowing and good harvests, it represents nature and the guide of life, it has great secrets that very few know as the mysteries of Constitution, the optimal state of man and the perfection that comes from Olodumare.

He is the caretaker and protector of the earth at its best, takes care of all the Orishas and presents himself as a noble saint who aims to spiritually convert man through the mandates of Oloddumare.

He is an Orisha of respect within the religion, he lives up to his name that comes from the Yoruba language and means height, elevation and greatness.

Regarding the other Orishas, ​​Oke is Oshosi's brother and an inseparable friend of Obbatalá, and forms a trilogy with Oggué and Oko.  

Attributes, offerings and some characteristics:

With its otá (sacred stone) the herbs of the machuquillo or Ashé of the Orisha and any type of powder are crushed.

It is offered the same as to obbatala and its vibration number and color correspond to it.

In the representative figure it contains a hole in the upper part called a gourd where the animals are sacrificed for their offering.

He lives on the floor in front of the basket, although in some houses in Cuba he is located next to Obbatalá and in other cases even inside his tureen.

It is an Orisha of foundation, it does not settle, but is received in every consecration of Osha, the children of Yemaya They receive it over the left shoulder.


It is syncretized with San Roberto, Santa Marta and Santiago Apóstol (patron of Spain).aña). The adaptation between the orisha and the catholic saints is considered because of their condition as caretakers.

Oke, caretaker of the Orishas and Santiago Apóstol, for example, for being a protector of Jesus' safety when he climbed the mountain.aña, therefore, your celebration date should be July 25.

I greet the orisha:

They greet each other with respect and saying Maferefún Oke!

Learn more about this deity in the following 10-question test that we have prepared to challenge knowledge.

Play and learn.

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