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Who is the Orisha Olokun? Knowledge test

Who is Olokun?

Olokun: Owner of the Oceans

It is one of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

This Orisha is mainly asked for health, prosperity and material evolution. He has an impetuous character and his being contains several mysteries.

All the riches of our oceans are yours, it symbolizes the most impenetrable depths of the seas and the mysteries that it hides.  

Olokún is associated with Yemaya, mother of fish and together they represent wealth, healing, abundance and fertility.

A mysterious being that habita in the immensity of the seas:

The owner of the oceans is androgynous (half man-half fish), but his figure is indefinite, he is a terrifying, mysterious and secret deity, which represents a strange appearance.aña and terrifying.

He always appears with a mask and is only seen without it in dreams, where they say he appears with a face lined with tribal stripes, very white bulging eyes and eyelashes.añaIt's sharp.

His attributes, offerings and greeting:

It has among its attributes: 7 masks, 7 chains, a majá, a mermaid, a seahorse, shells and everything that lives at the bottom of the seas.

He owns 1 or 2 snail hands and 2-sided dolls.

Among its offerings are offered rooster, duck, pigeon, guinea fowl, ground corn cooked with garlic, onion and butter; Miniestras of all kinds, fruits, balls of coconut candy, molasses of caña, pork meat, green plantains fried in chicharritas, corn on the cob and sweet potato.

They usually leave their aldimús (offerings) duly wrapped in a blue cloth and a basket is placed inside and taken to the sea.

They are greeted with great respect: Maferefún Olokun!

It does not go to the head of any initiate and they deliver it through a ceremony, nor is it known syncretism in the Catholic religion.

In just 10 questions you can get to know this orisha better, don't miss it and challenge knowledge.

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