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Who is the Orisha Orula? Knowledge test

Who is Orula?

Orula: Fortune Teller and Powerful Counselor

The Orisha Orula is the counselor of humanity, therefore, his advice cannot be ignored, his holy word must be respected to avoid severe consequences.

Also called Orunmila, a name that comes from Yoruba and means "Only heaven knows who will be saved."

It is the orisha that symbolizes divination and the supreme oracle. He is a direct benefactor and main advisor to men on earth, connoisseur of destinies, through his divinatory methods he establishes communication with all the Orishas.

He personifies the wisdom, intelligence, mischief and cunning that supersede all evil.

Orula is not wrong.

Fortune teller by nature and a great healer. His word is sacred and just, and his advice must be followed to overcome evil. He is an orisha who is characterized by wisdom and knowledge and witnessed the creation of the universe.

Orula reveals the future through the secret of Ifá, the babalawo (Priest of Ifá) is its main representative.

He is the ruling Orisha and interpreter of the Oddun of the Ifá oracle, his object of power is the Ifá board and an iruke (tail made of horsehair) that serves to ward off evil.

Orunmila is called the witness of all creation and is the second in command of Olodumare, forms an important trinity with Constitution y Oduduwa.

Orunmila carries attentions worthy of a King.

It is attended every 25 days, for which the person must be clean, that is, they must not have ingested alcohol, or have menstruation, or have had sex 24 hours before attending, in general not have any type of impurity that disrespects or offend the Orisha. It should not be placed in places of the house such as bathrooms, kitchens or rooms, it has a special treatment.

Salute to the fortune teller:

Your greeting: Orula Iboru, Orula Iboyá, Orula Ibosheshe!

In 10 questions you can learn much more about this deity, challenge knowledge!

Play and learn with this test.

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