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Who is the Orisha Osain? Knowledge test

Who is Osain?

Osain: Owner of the sticks and the vines of the mountain.

Osain or Ozain is a wise orisha and diviner of the Yoruba pantheon. It is characterized mainly by being a great possessor of knowledge about nature, capable of saving life and warding off death.

God lame, one-eyed and one-armed:

It has certain physical characteristics, such as extremities, it has a left arm and a right leg; in the face a single eye and a very large ear that does not hear and a small one through which it hears what no one can hear.

On one foot, he hops and runs lightly, leaning on a cane with woven roots.

The story tells that he is the son of no one and without brothers, he does not have a wife either. He was not born in a traditional way, but one day he appeared coming out of the earth.

It smells like sap and you should not get too close to it, you should greet each other and treat it with great respect. San Silvestre and Osain have a great physical resemblance, they have crooked mouths, large heads and they speak fondly through the güiro and the pumpkin.

Habita in everything green:

Osain lives above all the green, he is the master of the sticks and the vines in the mountains and for that reason he does not fit in the head of anyone.

He is also the owner of all the colors of nature, butterflies, flowers and everything beautiful and colorful come out of him, they like yellow butterflies a lot and he appears at night asking for a candle for his tobacco.

It has a close relationship with Oggun y oshosi for sharing the divinities of nature and owns the drums with Shango, both are very friends.

The Osainists:

Osain's children inherit the beautiful legacy of their father, they are great connoisseurs of nature and its plants, handle the magical properties of herbs and know how to use them for the good of people.

In the process of transculturation, he also adopted the name of a Catholic saint and his full name is Osain Aguenegui Aguaddo and Kurí Kurí.

Greetings to Osain:

Ashé Osain, moguayé !.

In the following test that consists of 10 questions you will be able to challenge knowledge and learn a little more about this wise Orisha.

Play and learn.

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