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Who is the Orisha Oshosi? Knowledge test

Who is Oshosi?

Oshosi is one of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

Oshosi Odde Mata! is the greeting for this deity and his day of the week is Monday. He always carries a bow and arrow and is especially related to Oggún, because together they hunt in the mountains.

Owner of the hunt In the mountains of life, it gives meat to the hungry and protects the persecuted, it is associated with matters of prisons, lawyers, laws and justice in general.

Oshosi is clever, agile, intrepid, he knows all the birds of the mountain, his favorite being the parrot, which he always takes care of.

Oshosi, the hunter and Oggun owner of metals, they work together, they are necessary for each other; is brother of Shango, Oggun y Ozai; husband Oshun and son of Yemaya.

Symbolizes divine justice so you are not asked for help to do wrong, if your request is unfair it can turn against you. For this reason, he is always asked to hunt down the good and the bad with his arrow; the good to bring it into our lives and the bad to bring it justice around us.

Their rituals and ceremonies are always carried out by the mañana and outdoors, is very independent and freedom-loving. 

His attributes They are all related to hunting and iron, such as machetes, shovels, picks, hammers, saw and knife.

Your receptacle It is a mud fryer and its hat and shoulder bag are made of tiger skin.

Between your foods favorites are: asado, kola nuts, white beans and brandy of caña.

He has good aim and his arrows never miss. He stands out for being a very skilled fisherman, sorcerer, magician, sorcerer and seer.

If you want to continue obtaining information about this Orisha, we have prepared 10 questions for you to challenge knowledge.

Play and learn!

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