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Who is the Orisha Osun? Knowledge test

Who is Osun

Osun: the lookout

Osun or Ozun is a deity of the Yoruba pantheon, watchman and custodian of the believers of the Yoruba religion. It symbolizes the verticality of the human being on the earth and life itself, it is the ancestral spirit that guides and connects with each religious.

When we hear "Osun" we recognize this deity, represented by a rooster, who lives high up and great respect and care must be taken not to let it fall, since if it falls it announces the death of someone or loss of health.

Represented by a drink and a rooster.

The image of the rooster that represents it gives meaning to the vigilance that it carries out, the cup represents the earth and the cover the Ifá board, and the four bells around it symbolize the cardinal points.

It is part of the group of Orishas called the Warriors, along with Eleggua, Oggun y oshosi and greets Maferefún Osun!

Osun means "color or paint" and according to sources its fundamental colors would be white, blue, yellow and red.

In our religion their animal is the white dove and their favorite food is the stuffed dove, marinated with sour orange, pepper, salt and garlic.

Messenger and watchman of the believers.

Osun is a messenger of Obatala y Constitution, owner and guardian of the heads of the religious, does not rise or settle and is received when the Warriors (Eleggúa, Oshosi and Oggún) surrender.

The process of religious acculturation in Cuba, of the Catholic and Yoruba religions, resulted in deities of both beliefs being syncretized and this deity adopted the name of a Catholic saint: San Juan Bautista.

With the 10 questions that we have prepared in the following knowledge test, you will be able to learn much more about this Orisha and put your knowledge to the test.

Play and learn.

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