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Who is the Orisha Shango? Knowledge test

Who is Shango?

Shango is one of the most beloved Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

He is characterized by his strength and virility, his intelligence and wit. Warrior by nature, righteous and passionate.

It is related to thunder, nature, drums, and music.

Shangó, "beautiful black man who eats candles", the most popular of the Orishas for his charisma, bravery and soul of a warrior, king of kings, is inseparable from our haughty and proud Palma Real, it is his true home, his favorite.

One of the ways to greet him with great respect is with the word "Kabiosile" which means "Long live his majesty", a phrase that denotes respect and admiration of his devotees towards the authority and rank of this deity.

He fights by blowing smoke and fire from his mouth and spreading lightning with his machete, his crescent-shaped knife, ax and mace.

Shango, first interpreter of the Ifá oracle and fortune-teller of the oracle Dilogun.

His tools are made with cedar and he carries a shekeré (it is similar to the güiro) made with jicotea carapace. As its main symbol, it has a carved cedar doll with a head shaped like a double ax, full of energy.

Shango boasts of his sexual attributes and their children do not tolerate differences easily.

In Cuba it is a very named Orisha, there are popular phrases that mention it daily such as: Whoever messes with me messes with Shango! which alludes to a phrase from a Cuban song where the strength and courage with which the Orisha defends its proteges is exposed. It is without a doubt a deity that lives among every Cuban day by day.

It is also one of the Seven African Powers and as part of the process of religious syncretization in Cuba he is also compared to a Catholic saint.

So who is Shango and what are his main characteristics? Find out in the 10 questions we have prepared about this deity of the Yoruba religion.

Challenge knowledge and share the results obtained.

Play and learn.

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