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Who is Iroko? The Orisha of Desires and protector of the Ceiba

Who is iroko

Iroko We entrust him with our goals, our secrets and the deepest desires of our hearts, trusting that he will listen to our prayers and help us make them come true.

And is that Iroko It is the Orisha related to desires, all the desires of the earth, good wishes and also bad ones.

It is the spirit that according to legends sometimes lives in the root and other times in the foliage of Ceiba, and from there he is a lookout and protector of walkers.

That is why this tree is not cut down or burned and it is sacred to the Yorubas. In fact, to cut down one of these blessed centuries-old trees, you have to consult with a babalawo and ask for the permission of the orisha.

It is also said that Iroko it is one of the roads of Obbatalá.

Offerings to the Orisha Iroko

Iroko Offerings similar to those made to spirits are placed at the foot of the Ceiba, to which a red cloth is tied as a symbol of protection and blessed.

To this Orisha, as an offering young bulls that have not yet mated are immolated, these are walked by the santeros, while they carry lighted candles and are sacrificed in honor of the deity, hens, roosters, chickens, ducks and guanajos, all animals white.

The Pataki, Iroko did not make Ebbó

In the Yoruba religion Iroko, it is the African mahogany, it is said that being in heaven the Orisha refused to perform ebbó (cleaning) before coming down to earth, therefore, when descending, it was used for the manufacture of houses, furniture, doors or for any instrument or wooden object.

The ebbó saves you, cleanses you and protects you, for this reason it is said that you should always do ebbó in any situation, both to maintain the good and to get out of difficulties.

The protector of the Ceiba, veneration in Cuba

In Cuba, in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) to Iroko He is associated with the Ceiba as a male deity and a tree that welcomes spirits. 

Legend has it that Iroko made a pact with Iyami Osoronga, the witches of the night, and since then they rest in the ceiba tree and call the spirits. 

In La Ceiba orishas and eggunes are also sheltered and it has become a natural altar for Babalawos, Santeros and Paleros, to perform ceremonies and rituals that are related to the different entities that the ceiba guards.

Therefore, we can see that in Iroko various entities converge, all of which are paid respect and devotion.

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