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Who is the Iyalosha? The santera godmother


The babalawos, Olorishas, ​​Babaloshas, iyaloshas and aleyos, are terms widely used within the practice santera in Cuba and yoruba religion, since they represent the hierarchy and order within the Rule of Ocha.

Each of these terms are according to the knowledge acquired by the practitioners and their status within the religion.

For example, the aleyo is "guest" is the uninitiated believer, who, although he may be present at some ceremonies, cannot carry out rituals or know the secrets of the consecrations.

It is followed by Iyawo, who already has a crowned saint, but must complete the one-year stage in which he must abide by rules, norms and prohibitions, in order to be considered a santero.

Then go the Olorisha or Iworo who already have a crowned saint, have already completed their year of Iyaworaje and can now perform important functions within the religion such as performing ceremonies, making their godchildren a saint, delivering Orishas, ​​among others.

Iyalosha, respect from your godchildren

After the Olorishas, ​​in higher hierarchical order are the iyalosha o babalosha.

iyalosha It is feminine and means "mother of Osha", while Babalosha is masculine and means "father of Osha".

iyalosha es godmother santera and he is above Olorisha, because he already has godchildren consecrated in Osha.

Above in rank are only the Obá Oriaté, who have a large amount of knowledge of the performance of the rituals and can direct them and the Babalawo - Olúo - Awó who are the highest representatives of the Yoruba religion.

The godmother is the person who cares for, protects and teaches her godchildren, her responsibility and commitment is to transmit wisdom, religious values ​​and above all a lot of patience and love, since people who are new to religion need understanding to give their first steps on your new path.

Qualities of a godmother:

  • He offers his faith and Ashé to his godson.
  • He humbly transmits the knowledge and wisdom he possesses about religion.
  • It teaches, educates and guides so that its godchildren are good men, with respectable morals and ethics.
  • He offers his unconditional help through advice and guidance when the initiates need it.
  • Strengthens the spiritual and religious growth of your godchildren.

To establish a balanced and harmonious relationship between godchildren and godparents, respect, humility and love for religion are essential; Among other virtues, as a godmother you must offer wisdom and as a godson you must offer gratitude, and both must foster respect.

The godmother, morals and customs

La iyalosha or godmother strictly follows the precepts of the santera practice and thus instills them in her godchildren.

In their way of life, santeria It must uphold the main creeds linked to the Orishas and religion in general. She will also be compassionate and will treat her fellow men fairly.

She adores Olodumare and the Orishas and helps their godchildren on the path of religion. He shows them the ceremonies, the way to worship Eggunes and Orishas and guides them through spiritual life.

Having the support of a good godmother is an invaluable treasure, she is a second mother, a wise grandmother, she is the one who gives us her hand to walk together on the beautiful religious path.

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