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Who is the Orisha Elenini? The Yoruba Goddess of Misfortune


A elenini he is treated with respect and awe. In the Rule of Ocha is highly respected, it is best not to anger the known as deity of misfortune.

He is the guardian of the main door of the inner chamber of the divine palace of Olodumare, the Supreme God, where the devotee arrives on his knees guided by the guardian angel to ask for what is desired for the future stay on earth, after having finished our way of life.

Patron of misfortunes and dark desires

elenini o Yeye Muwo, is considered a minor deity and evil orisha, who can cause serious problems if not treated with due respect. But its bad influences in life can be controlled with ebbó or cleansing or knowledge and channeling of energies.

The Yoruba pantheon is made up of major and minor deities, this does not mean that some are more important than others, all together form a powerful energy.

Minor deities, such as Elenini, are possessors of great power over our lives, in this case in negative situations, which is why they are included among the so-called deities of darkness, such as witches.

So, if Elenini is the orisha in charge of fulfilling the opposite of our wishes, we must offer her the respect and relevance she deserves. 

To achieve the balance, well-being and the desired balance in our destiny, we must make the sacrifices that are necessary, as in the following story, Iwori Ogbe had to do ebbó to save himself from the dark energies of Elenini that haunted him.

The Patakí of the orisha of evil: Elenini

Legend has it that when Iwori Ogbe came down from heaven to earth he made a wish, he wanted to eliminate all the evil and vicious elements and for this he requested Olodumare, the Supreme God, a special power over life and death, which The Creator agreed to.

With that power he began his journey to earth. But his guardian angel reminded him to express his wishes to elenini and the most powerful deities.

However, Iwori Ogbe ignored it and said that there was no greater force than Olodumare's and if he had acceded to his wishes, he did not see why resort to a lower authority.

But when he was leaving the palace, elenini he listened to Iwori Ogbe's opinions, and unleashed his fury. And when he came to earth, he discovered that he had serious difficulties.

Everything went contrary to his wishes, chaos and misfortune haunted his goals and many he prayed for ended up dead. Thus, no one dared to consult him or ask for his help, fearing death. After a while he decided to return to heaven.

Making Ebbó saves you from a wretched fate

Upon arrival, he was tasked with making ebbó with many dishes to elenini and to the oldest divinities. He did so and returned to earth, where he was able to help everyone without problems.

The great teaching that this legend gives us is that, in our religion, no matter what happens, we must always consult our elders and do ebbó when the orishas mark it.

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