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Who is the Orisha Naná Burukú? Knowledge test

Who is Nana Buruku

Naná Burukú: spirituality and superior energy.

Naná Burukú is a major orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, goddess of mysteries, revered for her great spiritual power.

He is a deity who loves his children very much, takes care of them and helps them in the activities that they develop on earth. Nanú, as it is also called, represents a superior feminine energy that symbolizes the primordial substance of the universe. 

She is an Orisha who has had a great spirituality since ancient times and is personified in both sexes, she can be female or male.

Ancestral deity in different cults:

In our country its cult has been considered in different ways by the descendants of the Aará and the Yorubas.

The cult of Arará origin considers her the mother of Babalú Ayé, even down to one of her paths. They symbolize her as a mysterious and terrible deity who lives in the form of majá, in rivers, springs and cañabe brave

The cult of Yoruba origin considers her the Mother of God and grandmother of all the Orishas, ​​who gives strength to the head of the person and is a mediator between life and death.

In nature:

It can be invoked in various places: in springs, lagoons, wells and river mouths, although on Saturdays it can be called Santos in wells.

It does not feed on the blood of the animals that are offered to it, but on their spirit. When he comes down to earth he trembles and drools, his power and energy is majestic.

Attributes, syncretization, and salutation:

It is represented by an isosceles triangle that is covered with plaster and tobacco smoke.

Does not support Oggun because he disrespected him, that's why in his ceremonies metal knives are not used, but a c knifeaña brave.

It is syncretized with Santa Ana, mother of the Virgin Mary, and her feast is July XNUMX.

Your number is 10 and its multiples, their colorss are white and blue and greets Maferefun Nana, Saluba!

In the following 10-question test you will be able to challenge knowledge and learn much more about this deity.

Play and learn.

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