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Who is the Orisha Obba? Knowledge test

Who is Obba

Obba: reckless warrior

Obba Naní! is the salute to this powerful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon. She is highly respected by her devotees, hermit character and very self-sacrificing.

Obbá is the Orisha of the river that bears her name, represents repressed love, sacrifice for the being that is loved and symbolizes conjugal loyalty.

In nature it is related to lakes and lagoons.

Habita in the dark of the cemetery.

He lives in the solitude of the cemetery next to Yewa y Oyá, these three deities represent daring warriors who face dangerous situations with courage and fortitude, they are known as "the mortals." Inside the cemetery Obba is the one who guards the tombs.

She's daughter of obbatala and Yembó, sister of Oyá and Yewá and legitimate wife of Shango, for him he removed an ear.

The history of the king's soup:

His name comes from the Yoruba Obbá (Obé: soup-Obá: king) which literally means "the king's soup", in some patakies (stories) it is said that Obba wanted to be Shangó's favorite wife, and looking for a way to achieve it he was engañaShe was given and guided by bad advice, so she cut off an ear thinking that this was his favorite food, she offered it as food in a soup to her husband Shangó, and assuming the consequences of her act in the face of her husband's fury, she retires to live away from the world of the living for not being reciprocated in love, demonstrating her selfless and sacrificial character.

He cannot dance, but dances are held in his honor since he does not come down to earth.

Obba, the Orisha who dresses in pink.

One of her objects of power are five gold bracelets, her head is covered with a pink scarf and she wears a dress of the same color.

As part of the transculturation process, Obba also adopted the name of a Catholic saint. 

Challenge knowledge with the following 10-question test and learn more about this Orisha.

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