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Who is the Orisha Oshún? Knowledge test

Who is Oshun

Oshún, beautiful queen among the beautiful, sweet, loving, Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, very loved by her devotees. It is very powerful and is part of the Seven African Powers. She is the youngest of the Yoruba pantheon, but she possesses great power.

Orisha of love that sweetens everything

Female deity who lives among the waters, personifies many beautiful feelings such as love, brotherhood and kindness. It represents abundance and beauty.

She is the protector of women in labor, difficult pregnancies and pain in the lower abdomen, participates in the creation of the fetus and is the only one who comes to Olofin to pray for the beings of the earth.

It appeases and softens infidelity situations, and problems of love relationships, it protects children a lot. It resolves, but it can also provoke fights between the Orishas and men.

Oshún, mistress of honey and goddess of dance

Oshún is identified with wealth, gold, sunflowers, honey and river water, with fertility, vanity and everything beautiful that can exist on earth.

Although some stories (patakis) reveal a dark side of his personality, where his anger character is reflected, his anger and fury in certain situations.

With her mirror adorned with snails she combs her long black hair, adorns it with flowers and her fans are adorned with peacock feathers.

Her dance is very sensual and she makes movements with her voluptuous hips when dancing, her beautiful shiny gold bracelets ring, she is in love with jewels, clothes and perfumes.

With its honey it attracts and it cannot be missing, nor its pumpkin of abundance.

Sister of Yemaya, who gave him his sweet water house. Daughter of Nana Buruku y Constitution, second wife of Shango and always protected by his faithful friend Eleggua.

It is said, according to various stories (Patakies) that he also had love affairs with osain, orunmila, Aggayu, Orishako, Oduwa e Inle.

Her followers invoke her with prayers, songs and offerings, she is very dear and compliant with what they ask of her from the heart.

Due to the syncretization of religions, Oshún is also compared to a Catholic Saint, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Patron Saint of Cuba.

If you want to continue learning about this beautiful deity, we have compiled 10 questions in a test for you to challenge knowledge.

Try it and tell us the result!

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