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Who is the Orisha Oyá? knowledge test

Who is Oyá?

Meet the Orisha Oyá:

Oyá She is a powerful Orisha of the Yoruba religion and a reckless warrior who lives at the door of the cemetery.

It is also known as Yanzá, it is related to tombs, lightning, storms, bad winds and lightning. His dance clears all curses from the air, he moves very fast in a furious dance.

She always walks in the dark and in the dark, she is a great warrior and while she dances she cleans the ground with her skirt. She goes to war because she is impetuous and violent in character, and among her tools you can find shields, swords and articles of work.

Oyá it is reflected in all colors except black. Many of the offerings made by devotees are ocher-colored fruits. He has menacing eyes and it's like he's sparking his walk.

The forces of nature that move this deity are essential for life on earth, it is the wind that carries pollen, it is the air we breathe and the exact dose of oxygen to keep us safe.

Due to the syncretization of African and Catholic religions, she adopted the name of a highly venerated Catholic Saint in Cuba and the world.

It is part of a powerful trilogy of female Orishas, ​​protectors of the cemetery, very feared warriors.

It is characterized by a violent and impetuous character, also owner of the rainbow and the dead. Undoubtedly a very feared orisha within the Yoruba pantheon for her bravery and strength.

It is the wind that sweeps and tears the trees from the top. She dominates the four winds and is the mother of nine eggunsFor this reason it also represents the world of the dead.  

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