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Who is the Orisha Yemayá? Knowledge test

Who is Yemayá?

Yemayá: Mother Nature, everything that is known is born from her.

Yemayá is a powerful female orisha, owner of the salty waters of the world and mother of all the children on earth, source of life, motherhood and fertility.

She was the first to be born when Olofin created the world. We are her children because we spend nine months swimming in our mother's womb.

She is a fortune teller par excellence, keeps all the riches in the world and is an intermediary for her children when they want to recover something lost.

She teaches everyone what unconditional love is, she is kind, creative, understanding, of admirable nobility.

The one who reigns in the sea is Yemayá

She is queen in the great oceans, with her mercy and miracles. She is also known as Yemanjá, Yemaja, Yemaya Olokún, she is beautiful and loving, and wears a navy blue suit and various ornaments. The flower of water and violet are his.

She is the sister of Oshun, mother of all the Orishas, ​​was the woman of Babalu Aye, orula y Oggun.

All these values ​​distinguish her before humanity, but when she gets angry she is inflexible with those who offend her, but very just when imposing her punishment.

His dance dances to the rhythm of the waves:

His dance is sensual, repeating the perpetual movement of the sea, as its waves sway, at first very smooth and then agitated, it begins to rotate like a whirlpool, imitating the act of diving and the act of rowing looking for treasures to give as a gift to children.


This orisha is greeted by Omío Yemaya Omoloddé! Yemaya Ataramawa!

According to the rules of our religion, when their children pronounce their name, they should touch the ground and then kiss their fingertips.

In the following test we have prepared 10 questions to challenge the knowledge about Yemayá: "superior deity of the Yoruba pantheon".

Accept the challenge and tell us the result. Play and learn.

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