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Who is the Orisha Yewá? Knowledge test

Who is Yewá?

Yewá: Our mother

Yewá or Yegguá, which means "our mother" in the Yoruba language, is one of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

It is directly related to death, habita in the cemetery, she is the owner of the tomb and performs dances on top of the tombs in the cemetery. She is she who brings the dead to Oyá and lives inside the coffin that is in the tomb.

Represents loneliness and melancholy.

Yewá represents melancholy, containment of feelings, sterility and virginity; He is a very simple and austere deity. This Orisha is very shy around men and is generally not down to earth or into dancing.

In the eastern region of Cuba, he gives himself up as a tutelary Orisha and his children enjoy a great reputation as fortune tellers.

In front of Yewá you should not undress, or have love affairs, arguments, rudeness, or raise your voice, it is very modest, respectful and avoids carnal contact.

She's daughter of obbatala y Oduduwa, sister of Oyá and Obba, companion of Babalu Aye although she always remained a virgin and chaste.

Goats, guinea fowl and pigeons are offered to him, the animals that are immolated must be young.

His attributes and clothing:

Among its attributes is a bell, a small jar, shields, skeletons and a hand of snails, and its object of power is a basket and a doll. Yewá dresses in her favorite color, pink; She wears a dress with a belt tied at the waist and a crown decorated with snails.

The women daughters of Yewá are rigorous, dominant, meticulous, highly ethical and detest the lack of morals.

Salute to the deity:

Greetings Maferefún Yewa! and as part of the process of acculturation between the Yoruba and Catholic religions, she adopted the name of a highly venerated Catholic Saint in Cuba. (You will find out in the test at the end of the post).

The cemetery warrior trilogy:

Along with the Orishas Obba y Oyá represent the reckless warriors, forming a trilogy that habita in cemeteries.

With the following test you will learn much more.

Play, learn and challenge knowledge with the following knowledge test about this powerful Orisha.

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