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Who is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre? Patroness of Cuba

who is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

The most revered of deities in Cuba, the Virgin of Charity of Copper or "Cachita", patron saint of Cubans, protector of this Island. All blessings are implored from her and the faith and devotion of an entire country is dedicated to her.

The original image represents the Blessed Virgin Mary with a Child Jesus in her arms and a cross and according to legend, it was found in the seas to the north of the East more than 4 centuries ago by those nicknamed "the three Juanes".

La Virgin of Charity of Copper in the Yoruba religion it is known as Oshun, orisha goddess of the river, queen of sweetness and love, patron of storms. She is the smallest orisha, she is the most spoiled of all.

Deity worship that blesses the Cubans

At Sanctuary of Caridad del Cobre, located at the top of Cerro de Maboa, 27 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, the devotees pay tribute to the Virgin of Charity of Copper, which is kept inside these walls and can be seen from all corners of the room.

But with the syncretism that characterizes Cuban nationality, there is also devotion to Oshun, which represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, love and femininity.

Cubans ask her for health for pregnant women and women in labor, as well as for the baby to be born. Protection against illness and well-being is also implored in various areas of life.

Transculturation and criollismo

Oshun and Virgin of Charity of Copper They are worshiped on the same day, September 8, Cuba dresses in faith. Respect and immense faith on the part of all Cubans, devout Catholics or the Yoruba religion is directed to them.

It is said that sons of Oshún They are friendly and cheerful, and they have a great desire for social ascension, and they like to command.

Above all, women are recognized as sensual, they love jewelry, clothes and good perfumes. They also love the sweetness, the joy and the beauty of life.

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