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Who is the Virgen de las Mercedes? next to Obatalá reigns in peace

Virgin of the Mercedes Obatalá

A crowd that flies the color white, arrives every September at the doors of a Havana temple, begging for the mercy and protection of one of the deities most revered by the Cuban people.

It is considered to Virgin of Las Mercedes as the patroness of prisoners, and in Afro-Cuban culture, it is syncretized with the greater Orisha Obatala of the Yoruba religion. Both deities are powerful, forgiving givers and peacekeepers.

Obatala He is considered the strongest of the Orishas, ​​creator of the earth and sculptor of the human being, deity of thoughts and dreams.

With the Virgin of the Mercedes, form a religious syncretism of the unification of both cultures.

Obatalá and Las Mercedes Day:

This day of celebration is an appointment for the peace and security of all Cubans.

Every September 24, it is customary among Cubans to celebrate the day of the Virgin of the Mercedes, in addition to celebrating Obatala. To the deities his devotees pray for peace and prosperity.

The feast of the Virgin of the Mercedes It is one of the most awaited occasions in all of Cuba, to which they implore protection and above all… freedom.

The celebration becomes an act of faith and solidarity, since the deity is considered the patron saint of the prisoners.

For this reason, many relatives of prisoners, dressed in white, speak out and pray for their freedom in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy located on Cuba and Merced streets, in Old Havana.

History and devotion to the Virgin

The devotion to the Virgen de las Mercedes began in the year 1259 in the world and in Cuba, for hundreds of years tribute has been paid both to the also known as Mother of Christ and to Obatala.

The deities have certain similarities in terms of their capacities or positions, since the virgin is considered the protector, liberator and comforter of the captives. She is a saint considered a leader, who asks for the sins of human beings.

ObatalaHe is also a leader with great power and protects men, grants them grace and divine protection.

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