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Who is the Virgin of Regla? queen of the sea next to Yemayá

who is the Virgin of Regla

La Virgin of Regla, syncretized in the Yoruba religion with the orisha Yemaya, is known as queen of the waters, protector of sailors and conciliator of the tides.

La Virgin of Regla She is the patron saint of the town that bears her name in front of the Bay of Havana, in Cuba.

She wears blue and is one of the exponents of transculturation, of the Afro-Cuban roots of this Island and of Creole miscegenation, being identified with Yemaya.

In 1696, the Bay of Havana found its protector, and the Virgin came to the small temple. The sculpture was brought from España by Don Pedro de Aranda and Avellaneda.

From that moment on, the image of the patron saint of the bay became popular and sailors came from any remote part of Cuba to beg her for protection.

Today, nothing has changed, the cult of Virgin it has grown stronger and has taken root in the Cubans, who come from the most remote places to pay homage to it.

Devotion and faith throughout Cuba

La Virgin of Regla He is the protagonist of Afro-Cuban beliefs due to his identification with the orisha Yemaya, which was the one that separated the waters by order of God (Olofin).

That is why the devotion of sailors to both deities, as they are symbols in the face of storms and invoked as shelters in storms.

And as a tribute, it is already a patronal tradition in Regla, to dedicate several days of celebrations and homage to the one who blesses the community.

The patron saint festivities to the Virgin of Regla are celebrated annually since September 8, 1696, when it was located in the Sanctuary the current image of the Virgin.

It is considered a religious festival, limited to the Catholic temple.

Syncretism in blue: Virgin of Regla and Yemaya

Blue is the color worn every September 7 by the devotees of Yemayá and who are part of the procession of the Virgin of Regla to which they bring flowers and offerings.

Some enter the sea to receive the blessings of the waters.

For the Yoruba, Yemaya She is the mother of all children on earth, as she also represents motherhood and fertility. Mothers also come to her asking for protection for their little ones.

Blessed are the sons of Yemayá, who are strong and rigorous in character, blessed in life, but unstable in love.

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