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Who is Lucero Mundo? The owner of all doors and our destiny

Who is Lucero Mundo

In Palo Mayombe Lucero Mundo it is a divinity that opens and closes the roads in the course of our life.

It is said that it is born in the forests belonging to Mayombé, located in the basin of the Republic of the Congo.

When spirits visit the earth, they do so through stars that radiate light and bring with them messages of reflection, wisdom and knowledge.

10 Characteristics that define Lucero Mundo:

  1. The owner of all the doors, exerts great influence on our destiny and is who directs the 4 winds.
  2. Captures through his spirit the energies and positive vibes of men, allowing to remove the negative vibes of those who may be surrounded.
  3. It directs the steps towards prosperity and the development of the capacities of each person.
  4. In each ritual performed he is the first to be venerated by all.
  5. He is usually attended on Monday of each week.
  6. Its representation colors are black and red.
  7. It embodies life, death and also fortune.
  8. It is given energies that act positively on the development and growth of finances.
  9. It influences the fertility of the human being.
  10. It guarantees peace, harmony and love in homes.

Works that are commissioned to Lucero Mundo:

With Lucero Mundo you can do countless works with different objectives to be achieved, but generally they are focused, among other very powerful rituals, on:

  • Open the closed doors,
  • act against enemies,
  • attract love, be it union or disunity,
  • strengthen development,
  • achieve expiration of difficulties.

As offerings to this deity, doves, chickens and goats are sacrificed to him between songs and prayers.

Song to invoke Lucero:

Bright star
Lucero Alumbra Madruga'e
Lucero Alumbra Madruga'e
Lucero Alumbra Madruga'e
Lucero Alumbra Madruga'e
Lucero Light the Way for me
Lucero Light the Way for me
Lucero Abre Cami'no
Lucero Abre Cami'no
Lucero Rompe Mon'te
Lucero Rompe Mon'te

Representation of Lucero Mundo:

Each World Star is represented differently and its deity has several representations.

Each person wears a specific one made with different elements and elaborated with respect through endless secret ceremonies.

Who is Lucero in Santeria?

As we can see, almost all or a large percentage of Lucero's characteristics are associated with Orisha warrior Elegguá in the Rule of Osha-Ifá.

Eleguá is an Orisha who represents the paths of life, the connection between good and bad, and is the owner of the happiness of men on earth. He is the messenger of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, who decides if their mandates are fulfilled.

He has great power in the Osha, he is the first to be attended in any ceremony and we owe him immense respect as a warrior and decider of destiny and the path that is given to each person.

  • Both African beliefs are powerful alongside their deities, and as we always say, let's respect each religion and remember that there is no bad religion, but bad religious.

Learn more about Eleguá, the orisha of destiny in the Yoruba Religion:

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