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Who is Olodumare? Knowledge test

Who is Olodumare?

Olodumare: "Lord to whom our eternal destiny goes."

In the Yoruba religion it represents the Supreme God, father of life and the Orishas. In the Yoruba pantheon he is an omnipotent divinity, his great power can do everything.

It is the universe with all its elements, it is the material and spiritual manifestation of everything that exists.

His name in the Yoruba language means: "Lord to whom our eternal destiny goes."

The Supreme God:

It is superior to all Orisha, it does not have otá (stone) and its name should not be pronounced without first touching the earth with the fingertips and kissing the footprint of the dust on them.

It is everywhere, in our day to day, in the wisdom of Constitution, in the benevolence of our Orishas and in Eshú, because both good and evil form a whole in Olodumare.

Prayer connects us with Olodumare:

It is so great that it is not settled, it is not offered, nor is anything asked of it directly. Towards him we go through Olofin and this brings with it a tacit intelligence of things and being subject to the laws.

It does not have a day of celebration, chosen children, sayings, patakí, necklaces or ebbó.

It is not associated with rituals, nor are offerings, sacrifices or adorations made directly to it, but it can be invoked through prayer, since praying connects the higher energies with our soul.

Praying is the most sacred and purest way to invoke him, praying and taking out of our interior everything that disturbs us, surrendering ourselves to him and giving thanks every day for his infinite blessing.

Olodumare: Purity and the divine among the Yoruba.

According to the Yoruba tradition, they leave everything in the hands of God (Olodumare) at the end of the day, trusting in his great blessing. It manifests as the knowledge, destiny and forces of the universe.

For the Yorubas, the world is a güiro where the lower half is the earth and the upper half is the sky, this means that everything is inside the güiro: Olodumare.

That is why the saying that tells us about the formation of the world says:

«Obí telé, Ofó tele» -«Do a good one and make a bad one.»

In the following test that we have prepared to challenge knowledge, you will be able to learn much more about Olodumare.

Play and learn.

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