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Who is Olorun? Knowledge test

Who is Olorun

Olorun: spiritual energy of the universe.

In the Yoruba religion it is one of the manifestations of the Supreme God Olodumare.

His cult has a great ancestral relationship with the star king, the sun and is a deity that inspires humanity to worship what we do and gives it the breath of life.

It is the vital force of existence, the heat that emanates makes the crops grow, produces the events of day and night, it is the energy that moves the waters and the winds.

It manifests itself close to men on earth, provides food on the terrestrial plane and is Olodumare's intermediary to communicate directly with humanity.

It is a sign of life, owner of light, colors, air, breath, vigor and effort.

The meaning of his name:

Olorun is derived from the Yoruba Òlórúnm which translates as Owner of the Orún (sky).

Orun also means "vehement prayer, imploration."

Cults to this deity:

This God does not have cults, temples, nor is he directly worshiped.

In fact, the human being has a restriction to refer to his name so his relationship with men on earth is established through intermediaries (divinities).

Greetings to Olorun:

You greet with great respect by standing in front of the sun, with your arms wide open in front of you and with your palms facing up.

There is also the ñangare ceremony where from santeros to babalawos they revere Olorun before performing Itá.

Who is Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare?

Olorun is the sun, where the sensitive and material of Olofin and Oloddumare are concentrated.

Olodumare is the Supreme God of the Yoruba religion who represents everything that exists, both the material and the spiritual; he gets in contact with men through other ways, his manifestations: Olorun and Olofin.

Olorun is the second manifestation of Olodumare that communicates directly with men on earth.

While Olofin is the third and is in indirect contact with men through the Orishas.

In the next knowledge test you will be able to learn much more about the transcendental importance of this deity.

Play and learn.

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