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Who is Orisha Oko? Knowledge test

Who is Orisha Oko?

Orisha Oko: Owner of the crops.

Orisha Oko is a deity of the Yoruba pantheon, benefactor and protector par excellence of those who work the land, bringing prosperity and much luck in crops.

His name, of Yoruba origin, comes from Òrìsá Okò which means "Orisha of the Tilled". 

Divinity of the earth, what is born, what grows, agriculture and crops; patron of the farmers.

Two personalities: Purity and death.

Provides food support to live, habita on the rooftops and has two totally different personalities, by day he is a perfect and pure man, but at night he disguises himself as death.

He personifies a diligent, hard-working, discreet man, no matter how much his testicles hang down to the ground; According to Yoruba mythology, this is one of the most particular physical aspects of this Orisha.

It is represented by a plow with a parasol and oxen, a tile and two dry coconuts, the latter painted red and white.

Referee of disputes between the Orishas:

He acts as a mediator in altercations, a judge who conducts trials and resolves disputes between the Orishas.

The bees are his messengers and he is the one who ensures the bonanza of the earth. Form a trinity with Ok and Oggué and together they take care of the crops, the rain and the internal fire of the earth and animals.

He was the husband of Olokun and Yemaya, which attracted him to reveal the mystery of the yam harvest.

Colors, days of celebration and syncretization:

Its colors are turquoise blue and pale pink. His days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and the 12th of each month and his party is celebrated on March 22.

As part of the process of acculturation of the Yoruba and Catholic religions, he adopted the name of a Saint for sharing similar characteristics, for being the owner of the crops he is syncretized with the Catholic Saint San Isidro Labrador.

We have prepared 10 questions for you to challenge the knowledge and know more about this powerful Orisha who provides food to the beings on earth.

Play and learn with this test.

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