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Who is Oshún Ololodí? The revolutionary

Who is Oshún Ololodí

Oshun Ololodí or Olodí, a name that means "revolutionary". It is one of the paths of the warrior Oshun. She is a woman (obini) but she dresses as a man (okuni).

In this way, Oshún stands out for the great interest in weapons and the use of irons and machetes, to calm his desire to war, 4 line nails are placed next to him.

Her adversaries can never defeat her and when her children offend her she becomes dangerous to themselves.

She defends her children and those who fall in love with her, but she has a very changeable character, regarding this Orisha, decisions should never be made lightly.

It is the Apetebí of orunmila, the mother of Poroye (daughter who lost) and Oloshe (son), who does not have syncretism in the Catholic religion.

This Oshún is syncretized with the Virgin of Guadalupe in Catholicism.

Characteristics Oshún Ololodí

  • She is the owner of the dams, of the river dikes.
  • It does not dance.
  • When she wants to be on the ground, she cannot get up until she decides, to call this Oshún a cowbell and a machete are used. 
  • It is mounted on a Board of Ifá that in turn is mounted on a 12-inch conical drum, has Opele or Ékuele.

Where does this Orisha live?

  • Live on the board of Ifá with sea sand and sifted river.
  • Habita in a jar with a white background with green and pink arabesques, he should not live in anything yellow because he does not like that color.

Attributes and offerings:

Among its attributes are: Cowbell, machete, bronze or porcelain horse. You have to weave a mesh with plumb lines and it carries an Irofa (deer horn) with the hilt strung with Orunmila beads.

  • She is reinforced with many irons because she is a warrior by nature.
  • His main symbol is the owl and he eats it to solve big problems and situations for his children.
  • It is made a bante (fan) with five green silk scarves of different shades, hanging by the ends to achieve firmness in life.
  • It is sealed and lives in the bottom of the jar, five machetes and a sword are placed on it.
  • Next to it is a sewing basket with scissors, five sewing needles, five knitting needles, a thimble, thread, scissors and a ball of yarn.
  • It is put on a deer frontal with two jars, a dusted mat of Yefá (Ifá powder), a hollow bronze hand carried by a Babalawo.

Oshún in this way is placed a ball cup at water level with five large Aye snails inside, it also carries a cedar anvil in front of it loaded by a babalawo.

The daughters of Ololodí must look for 15 pairs of young ladies who dress in pink and dance a waltz to the beautiful Oshún, this offering to the Orisha will bring prosperity in their lives.

This Oshún also carries two hands of snails and 5 stones, she also carries a Ozin.


  • Their Ochinchin is made with bitter broom and lettuce.
  • She eats goats and venison, but she usually eats alone or with her husband Orunmila.

Oshún Olodí necklace and crown:

Her necklace has mother-of-pearl, coral, five ivory and aqua green beads.

His crown has corals, it is finished off with a little house and 25 rings, two Ifa boards, 2 simple axes, a machete and five parrot feathers hang from it.

This crown is mounted on a ring that is the measurement of the person's head.

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