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Who is the Archangel Michael? The Faithful Commander of the Heavenly Army

Who is Saint Michael the Archangel

The veneration of the archangel Michael in Christianity it is based for the most part on readings from the New Testament and adopting those that refer to it in the Old.

He is usually represented weighing the souls in the balance, because according to tradition, he is always present at the Last Judgment. In addition, he escorts the faithful to heaven on the day of their death.

Legend has it that the Emperor Constantine attributed the defeat of his adversaries to Michael and therefore ordered the construction of a church near Constantinople to pay tribute to him.

In Phrygia, where he was first worshiped, he was regarded as angelic healer.

In Rome there is a bronze statue that represents him on top of Castel Sant'Angelo, remembering when he appeared there to Pope Gregory the Great.

It is said that he also appeared to Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Margaret, as well as in France, where Mont Saint-Michel was dedicated to her in the Middle Ages.

What was the Angel that defeated the devil? The warrior Saint Michael

Saint Michael is venerated and prayed by Catholics for being considered the patron and protector of the Universal Church, a warrior who in the early days of Catholicism was considered an assistant to the armies of the church against the pagans.

It was San Miguel who was in charge of frustrating Lucifer or Satan, the archangel of the fallen angels or of evil. And many times artists have depicted him in paintings and sculptures as an angel in the armor of a Roman general, threatening a demon or dragon with a spear or sword.

It is believed that Saint Michael is a name that the Bible gives to Jesus before and after his life on Earth, as the scriptures say that Michael argued with Satan after Moses' death and he helped an angel deliver a message from God to the prophet Daniel.

But Michael is known as one of the twelve archangels.

The title archangel means "Chief of the angels" and it appears in only two verses of the Bible.

Michael, the Bible calls him "One of the prominent princes" y "The great prince", in addition to identifying it as "The commander of the heavenly army" in the New Testament.

For Christians, he is the heavenly captain, the protector of the Church and considered the advocate of God's chosen people.

  • It should be noted that many religions worship archangels, such as Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam. But the beliefs and names of these protectors vary.

The legend of the Three Archangels

What are the 7 Archangels and their Meaning

Saint Michael is said to keep the secret of the powerful word by whose expression God created heaven.

The sacred scriptures also reflect that Archangel Michael was one of the three angels who announced the birth of Isaac (along with the archangels Gabriel and Raphael).

It was also he who protected the people of Israel during their march through the desert.

This is recounted as follows in the New Testament:

«Do not be afraid, Daniel, because from the first day you insisted on understanding and humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come because of them. The Prince of the kingdom of Persia resisted me for twenty-one days, but Michael, one of the first Princes, has come to my aid. I left him there, next to the Prince of the kings of Persia, and I came to make you understand what will happen to your people in the days to come, because this is also a vision for those days.. Daniel 10: 13-14

For this reason, in Jewish rabbinic tradition, Michael is sometimes called "Prince of the nations," and "Israel's advocate" against his accuser Samael or Satan (called Lucifer or Luzbel).

He was also one of the three men who visited Abraham to announce the birth of Isaac, and who announced to Lot the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Saint Michael is one of the seven spirits who stand before God, prophesied in Revelation to defeat Satan in the final battle between good and evil.

We must rezarle for protection What day is the Archangel Michael

It is customary to celebrate San Miguel on September 29 of each year, as patron saint of soldiers, doctors, sailors, shopkeepers, paratroopers, policemen and the sick.

Besides being the leader of the angels in the army of God.

  • Your day of the week It is Sunday, the day on which his devotees also invoke him with great fervor to ask him to intercede.

Fundamentally on the day of his celebration, he is invoked to ask for protection and protection, as well as good health.

What is the mission of San Miguel Arcángel? What does it protect us from?

Saint Michael the Archangel, represents power, strength and faith, and works to maintain order and balance.

The fortress of San Miguel It is based on its power to protect against evil, it protects from the enemy, from spells and evil eyes, from the misfortunes that can stalk us on the path of life, from diseases and false friends, we can ask his deity for protection for every day .

We ask Saint Michael the Archangel to remove from us any danger, perceptible or imperceptible, which in these turbulent times of pandemics and wars that humanity faces, is extremely necessary.

When and how do we pray to the Archangel Michael?

  • We can pray to San Miguel daily and at any time, although many make their prayers at night before going to sleep and they also pray to him when they get up.
  • Usually he is prayed with a blue candle, a tone that represents him among the other archangels.

Miraculous prayer for protection against evil, by Saint Michael the Archangel

Thus we pray to Saint Michael imploring him for his protection, we ask him to intercede against all evil.

Saint Michael the Archangel, commander of the Heavenly Armies, yours is the glory

Lord, you who guide the faithful until they reach Heaven and challenge the demons who want to confuse the devotees

I ask you, defend us in battle, be our protection against wickedness and the darkness of temptations

Prince of the heavenly militia, never let go of the hand of your children, throw evil spirits into hell with your divine power

Away from us, Mighty Miguel, the dangers and difficulties, take away the diseases and ailments that are scattered throughout the world

O glorious Saint Michael the Archangel, prince and leader of the heavenly armies, make us arrive safely at our destination, so that we can ascend from your hand to heaven.

Custodian and defender of souls, protect us with your strength and courage and give us your incomparable protection every day of our lives.

Dearest Archangel Saint Michael, hear my prayer, and give us support and shelter against evils

Never allow them to hurt me and drive away all the people who approach me with bad intentions.

My archangel, my heavenly prince, may the light of your sword always free me from hardships and difficulties,

I always hope to be worthy of your help and your blessed intercession.


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