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Who is Santa Barbara? Knowledge test

Who is Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara for Cubans:

Our Saint Bárbara Bendita is very adored in Cuba, she is venerated by millions of Cubans, there is a lot of faith and respect in her.

Health, firmness and prosperity are asked of him and many Cubans have in some corner of the house an image or an altar in his honor.

His festivities are celebrated on December 4, that day many dedicate great feasts and meals in his honor, he is offered apples and red roses, red wine and a carmine-colored cloak.

She is considered a very powerful and miraculous Saint who grants what is asked of her with faith.

History of Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara was born in Nicomedia near the Sea of ​​Marmara, at the beginning of the XNUMXrd century.

More than 1700 years ago, Santa Barbara's father took the life of his daughter for thinking differently and defending his creed with full conviction.

The story goes that her father Dioscurus was a pagan, rich and powerful man who set out to instill barbaric idolatry in his daughter.

He made a thousand attempts to change his daughter's mind from torture to murder.

The power of lightning is attributed to this Saint because as soon as Dioscorus finished killing his daughter, a lightning bolt fell from the sky that struck him immediately.

As a result of this event, Santa Bárbara began to be considered protective against sudden death, penance and lightning in the event of a storm.

It is related to lightning and explosives, which is why it is the adored and respected patron of artillerymen, miners, firemen, stonemasons, showmen, smelters, electricians and the military who belong to the Artillery Navy in most armies.

Attributes of Santa Barbara and their meaning:

Santa Barbara is represented with the clothes of her time, with a red cape and a maiden's headdress, the attributes that represent her have a special and religious meaning:

  • His crown represents that he reached the kingdom of heaven.
  • The tower with three windows represents the refuge of faith in the Holy Trinity and where her father kept her imprisoned.
  • The sword symbolizes the weapon with which Dioscorus beheaded her and the unshakable faith she possessed.
  • The chalice depicts his conversion to Catholicism.

In the Yoruba religion, Santa Barbara is syncretized with the orisha Shango, God of thunder, a deity much loved and respected for his strength.

We have prepared 10 questions in which you can learn much more about the history of this beautiful Saint.

Challenge knowledge, play and learn.

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