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Who is Lucifer, the Fallen Star? ► Know its History

Who is your Lucifer

Lucifer, a word from Latin, where lux is translated as light and fero like carry, so Lucifer is considered as light bearer.

This in turn was baptized as star of the mañana, for shining with a unique light above their peers.

This received the title of fallen angel, despite having been considered by God and his hosts as an example of beauty and wisdom.

But one day pride led him to the hells of perdition, transforming himself into Satan, a figure that embodies all the sins and evils present on earth.

In biblical language the stars represent angels, a metaphorical reality that places Lucifer, who was once an angel, like a star fallen from the sky, being degraded by God himself.

Lucifer lives in hell. Do you know the reason?

Whoever was considered at one time as a protective cherub was thrown, as the Bible itself describes, in the middle of the fire stones.

Expression that locates that the destiny that awaited Lucifer after his absence was hell.

Place where he reigns over the chaos of sinners because this is the perfect place for him.

Why was Lucifer expelled from heaven?

The almighty expelled the angel from the kingdom of heaven, arguing that his heart had been contaminated by his beauty and greatness, since the chosen one had corrupted his wisdom through pride and self-sufficiency.

Defects that earned him the repudiation of some of his peers, while others descended along with him.  

Why is Lucifer considered a fallen angel?

Lucifer rebelled against God, wanting to be like him, although many evidences reveal that his true desire was to supplant him.

This was denigrated as punishment for his actions and along with him fell the army of angels that he dragged with him for being his followers, being from that moment recognized as a fallen angel.

The action of throwing him out of the kingdom of heaven stripping him of all his rights was carried out by the archangel Michael, backed by his hosts, in a timely attempt to reestablish the lost order in the kingdom of God.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

Pride was what characterized the entire process of rebellion that Lucifer unleashed against the doctrine of God.

Being is considered the most serious of the deadly sins, since from her derived all the kinds of perditions that later plagued humanity.

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