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Who are the Orishas Ibeyis? Knowledge test

Who is Ibeyis

Ibeyis: the spoiled Orishas.

The Ibeyis (Ibeji) twins are Orishas represented as children of both sexes and receive various names within the Yoruba religion. They personify prosperity, luck and fortune, possess great power and symbolize mischief and intelligence.

According to Yoruba mythology the Ibeyis are two minor Orishas, ​​sacred for being children, the most spoiled of all the other Orishas, ​​children of Shango y Oshun, raised by Yemaya.

Devil conquerors.

They are saviors of men with their magic little drums. It is said in Yoruba stories (patakies) that they both defeated the devil with their great cunning and some drums; They save from traps and are creators of fortune and prosperity.

They are cunning, playful and very mischievous. All kinds of fruits are offered to them and chickens and pigeons are slaughtered.

The twins Taewó and Kaindè.

The name of these deities comes from the Yorùbá Ibèyí (Igbó: contains, Meyi: two).

Among the jimaguas, one represents spirituality and the other morality. The first twin is called Taewó which means "who rehearses the world" and is calm and introverted and the second twin is called Kaindè "the one who comes after", and is, unlike his brother, outgoing and restless; both are believed to share a soul.  

The story goes that the second jimagua, wishing to know if what existed abroad would really be worth it, is the one who sends the first to know the world, hence the meaning of their names. Although there are several versions of names, even in some cases it is a boy and a girl.

Defenders of children.

Ibeyis twins are also natural protectors of all children.

They are highly revered and loved, they are symbols of fortune and they grant all kinds of situations where children intervene, since they are faithful protectors of infants.

I greet the Ibeyis:

They greet each other. Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó! and in the process of syncretization, like the rest of the Orishas, ​​they also adopted the name of Catholic Saints (two Christian medical brothers).

Its receptacle is two small jars, one decorated in red and white and the other in white and blue.

In the following knowledge test you will learn a little more about the main characteristics of the powerful Orishas Ibeyis.

Play and learn!

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