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Who are the African Yoruba?

Who are the Yoruba

Cuban culture it is a representation of a wide mixture of traditions and customs of many peoples. And it is that the true identity of this Island cannot ignore the contributions of those who populated these lands.

And it should be noted that Africa had a great influence on the cultural formation of Latin America, especially in Cuba, especially the yoruba people.

La yoruba african culture it is present today in Cuban roots: in dance, in music and musical instruments, in popular jargon, in literature, in food and above all in religion.

The Yoruba people

The Yoruba They are originally from a kingdom located in West Africa in what is now Nigeria. It is said that they were the most urbanized Africans of pre-colonial times, as many lived in cities and had numerous economic activities.

The Yoruba language prevailed in much of West Africa. There was also a lot of trade and strong and trained armies.

And african yorubas they gave a primary role to religion, which they considered the essential link between mortals and heaven.

Through it, they recognized a supreme being, Olodumare, and intermediate gods related to the powers of nature, who were called Orishas.

The Yoruba Myth

About the origin yoruba There are several legends, the most popular one being that Oduduwá was the leader of an invading army from the East and that he was sent down by Olodumare, the Creator, to give life to the first humans from the clay soil of Ilė-Ifę.

It is said that Oduduwa He received a rooster and a bag of sand, as the land was covered with water at that time. But when he descended from the skies, the rooster that was with him escaped and in his attempt to catch it, he dropped the sandbag.

Thus, the sand began to spread and form the soil of the earth. That is why that mound was called Ilé n'fe, the land was spreading, and hence the name of Ile-Ife, the legendary town of the yoruba.

African Yoruba in Cuba

Between XVI and XIX, almost two million slaves arrived in Cuba, with a large presence of African Yoruba.

They were creating an influence in all spheres of the Island, especially in religion, by introducing the so-called Santeria that syncretized the Yoruba deities with the Catholic saints.

Today the yoruba people it continues to exist mainly in the Nigerian region and in some parts of Togo and Benin.

And there are many in America who have Yoruba ancestry due to the large number of enslaved Africans in the American continent in colonial times.

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