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Who are Olofin Olorun and Olodumare?

Olofin Olorun Olodumare

Olodumare In the Yoruba religion, it represents creation, it is the greatest, the only God, the deity of perfection, of everything human. While Olofin, before him, is responsible for all the heads and things that exist in the universe.

Olofin is the deity who has power over the orishas and is the head of the things that are related, directly with Olodumare, on earth.

To perform any act, the orishas are required to have the approval of Olofin, his will is what allows events to occur.

Olofin, Olodumare and Olorun, represent in a trilogy, the creation of man, the universe and actions on Earth. They are manifestations of the divine, dimensions with secrets incomprehensible to the human being, pure and spiritual energies.

And it is that Olofin is also known as the manifestation of the God of the sun, and is called Olorun, which is the basis of life in the solar system.

The trinity: Olofin, Olodumare and Olorun

Olofin is closely related to Olodumare who is the creator God, the source of everything that exists.

Both Olofi and Olorun are names attributed to Olodumare himself. They represent expressions of divinity that are integrated as a trilogy, but in turn, indicate different aspects of the Supreme Being.

Constitution: Palace owner

Olodumare is the primordial source of vital energy and Olofin is the manifestation on Earth of the Deity, the one who speaks in his name, grants and accesses, exactly the third manifestation.

Olofi is the patriarch of the Yoruba and ruler of the world, he comes down in the form of energy to the earth, to supervise the work that is carried out. He keeps the secrets of the creation of the universe hidden, he represents the divinity, he is the dealer of the Ashe to the Orishas and without his authorization nothing is achieved.  

Olorun: Owner of Orún (sky)

Meanwhile, Olorun is mysticism, it is the incorporeal and sublime energy of Olodumare, which unearthsaña everything that exists. Olorun etymologically means "Lord of Heaven". It is the second manifestation of Olodumare, the energy of the sun and nature.

Olofin and Olorun as different representations of the Supreme Being

Many understand that Olodumare, Olofin and Olorun they are the same deity. However, in some parts of Africa, people only know Olodumare. Olofin and Olorun would then mean different representations of the Supreme Being. They are different tendencies of divinity that are integrated into a unified trilogy.

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