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I want to share my secret of success: Tips from a santera

the secret the law of attraction

This secret that I want to tell you about, has added high value to my life, not only has it helped me to achieve the success that I have proposed but also in the spiritual part it has given me a lot of growth, allowing me the opportunity to know even more about myself. yoruba religion.

This is the secret of the power of the Orishas and the force of attraction of the Universe, a subject that very little is spoken among religious, perhaps due to ignorance or because they do not want to share the ancestral wisdom about our deities and their history in the universe.

This "powerful message" has helped me so much that I am fully convinced that in this life nothing is impossible, everything we desire from the heart and with faith we can achieve, our Orishas will always help us find the path we want to achieve.

Our mind is so powerful that, through intuition, dreams and the whispers of all the beings that accompany us.añan, we obtain the so-called "coincidences of life", but it is not a coincidence, it is the power of universal attraction that brings us everything that we faithfully desire.

The power of the mind can move mountains.añabe impossible, you can attract everything you want to your life, just You must have full conviction of it, believe in yourself and in the ancestral forces that accompany you.añan.

"Be careful what you think, because it can come true"

Success is within us

Some religious people wonder, why if I became a Saint I do not see progress in my life? Why, if I did religious work, am I behind?

This is the secret the answer is within you. No matter what you do or where you go, the change must occur within you, because it is where your Orishas live "in your heart."

Remember that everything must be done with kindness, there is no better religious than one who is a good person, who always does good for himself and for others.

Never ask for bad things, because the universe will return them to you. When you want to converse with your Orishas, ​​do it with sincerity and faith, many times we think that, by making offerings, rituals and works to the Saints, life will magically change, but this is far from reality, because our religion carries spirituality, heart and faith.

Trust the power of your mind

For some reason people find it difficult to believe in what they are not able to see with their own eyes, but the power is present within us, where we cannot see, but can feel.

Let our feelings guide us, let the Orishas be the light that illuminates us in the dark, let us learn to trust this powerful force that, although it is invisible to the eyes, is capable of guiding us to wonderful paths.

Likewise, we must let ourselves be carried away by intuition, that insightful feeling that leads us to make good decisions and that never fools us.aña. It is enough to think about it and wish for it with all your strength so that you reach it, never doubt it, añaof faith and heart in the Saints y you will be successful in the orders you make.

For example, thoughts related to love, generosity, desire, etc. They cannot be observed, however, the human being is capable of interpreting the sensations that make him feel, although sometimes we believe only what we see, this is the answer to the fact that real experiences are manifested within us.

The main secret of success: gratitude and faith towards your Orishas

If you formulate your desires in the present tense, the Universe will materialize your thoughts, if you say "I want" all your internal resources will be limited to that request.

You must focus on the "I have" and "I thank you for my request" then your internal resources and your Saints will find the way to make it come true, because the request is not limiting, but infinite in abundance.   

Remember that to achieve your goals you must fight for them, do not ask for the impossible or anything unattainable, it must be consistent with your situation and your path.

All we are energy, the secret of success is within us, if desire does not motivate you, you do not stay strong, or have faith in your Saints, you will not achieve what you want.

Many times we interpose fears, and we think that the change we need is external.

We must first focus on those internal elements that we can modify in our life, remove the fear of failure, and begin to act in accordance with what we want.

Have no doubt that this is the secret of success, when you make the important decision to change your reality, both the Universe and your Orishas accompany you.añaThey will help you in the process, and they will give you the strength and wisdom to achieve it, have faith.

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