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Why do the santeras wear keel, skirt and apron?

Quilla Santeria

The Santeria It is a religious aspect that arises from European-African syncretism, in Cuba it is positioned as one of the most popular theological practices, being the second most professed religion by Caribbean devotees.

This Afro-Cuban aspect is characterized by having a strict dress code for its initiates, who must remain in white for one year and seven days. In the same way, it demands that its practitioners dress correctly and respectfully during rituals.

The importance of santeras covering their heads with a keel

At the time of the consecration ceremonies and other rituals, the santeros and santeras must cover their heads, the men with a cap and the women with a kerchief or keel.

This means is used in order to protect the head of the religious, as this is the directive axis of his life, the center of confluence of all his astral energy and the seat of his Osha.

The traditional keel It is made with fabric by cutting out a triangle that is later embroidered at the ends.

This geometric shape symbolizes balance and union, which is necessary in all spheres of life to firmly defeat the enemy, the handkerchief is a barrier of protection against the osogbos and the sorceries that haunt the religious.

The apron is a symbol of development in the Osha

The apron or apron, a name by which it is also known, is a cloth garment that is used to protect itself from the splashing of food in its cooking process, although this is not its only purpose because in the Yoruba religion this piece is essential to be able to penetrate the saint's room.

A santera's wardrobe is considered incomplete if she is not wearing an apron. This element represents protection, it should be noted that in Santeria it is a garment that only women wear exclusively.

The apron is part of many of the secret rituals that take place during Osha.

The customs mark that the apetebí from Orula Who serves the table of the priests of Ifá must do it wearing an apron because it is believed that in this lies the iré of the nun.

Work for prosperity:

A very simple work that the nun uses to attract economic development consists of putting smoked fish, roasted corn and hutía in the pocket of her apron, these ingredients act as a strong magnet on prosperity.  

The saya garment that identifies the santera

Santeras must wear a skirt during religious ceremonies, this garment is for the exclusive use of women within the Osha.

The skirt is a very comfortable and affordable garment for any economy, it keeps in itself the customs and traditions of our religious ancestors, so it is considered that wearing it is a symbol of respect for the memory of those women who consecrated their lives to practice. of the Yoruba Religion.

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