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Why is Eleguá's anger appeased with an Okra Offering?

Okra for Eleguá

To the ears of Eleggua The news came of the existence of a merchant who had great prosperity in his businesses, this was a very lucky man, although greed and selfishness had penetrated his heart, so the owner of all roads decided to put him to the test.

Eleguá tests the benevolence of the merchant

Okra for the orisha Eleguá
Okra, also called Okra

Disguised as a beggar, he went to the square, with a serene walk he reached the merchant's position, which he asked for a favor to give him three okra for dinner, to which he responded with a resounding no.

Insistently he begged him to provide him with two okras (okra), a request that was also rejected.

For the last time he asked for a single okra, being yelled out of the room. After so many humiliations and offenses, the beggar left disappointed, but said nothing.

The merchant goes to the house of Orula to consult the word of Ifá

Some time later the merchant began to go badly in business and began to present multiple losses, plunging all the fortune he had reaped for years.

Overwhelmed by what was happening to him, he went to the house of Orunmila the Great Oracle of Ifá in order for him to help him decipher what was happening to him.

Orula asked him if he had recently denied something to someone, to which he replied that yes, that a beggar had asked him for some food and he had refused it because he had a very bad appearance.

Orunmila, a wise man, sent for Elegguá and asked the merchant if he recognized him, to which he replied that he did not.

Then Eshú explained to the man who had come before his eyes disguised as a beggar to put him to the test and see how far his benevolence reached, proof that he had failed by assuming a rude and hostile attitude towards the needy.

So he had decided to close the roads and make him suffer the same difficulties as the people he despised so much.

To appease the anger of Eleguá "Offering with okra"

Orula recommended the person involved to do a great offering to Eleguá with okra, to appease the wrath of the Orisha, who had decided not to withdraw the punishment until he could observe the royal merchant's repentance.

From that day on, the seller began to carry out charitable works and little by little he obtained Eshú's forgiveness.

As a result of this event, the work of appeasing Elegguá's anger through the help of Okra was born, as this is one of the few herbs that calm the Orisha who owns all the paths.

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