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The use of the Okra in the Yoruba Religion ≫ A Bath to attract Iré

Okra Santeria

The Okra or Okra It is a plant that offers its edible fruit for human consumption, its green and elongated appearance is very peculiar.

This has enjoyed popularity in the gastronomic sector, in natural and traditional medicine and even in music where many of its properties have been narrated through songs.

What is the Okra for in Santeria?

Okra and its uses in Santeria
Al Okra it is also known as okra, quingbombó, bamia, derere, bhendi or candia

El Quimbombó belongs to Kawo Sile the Orisha who owns the Batá drums, although it has also been related to Orisha oko the farmer, with this, both deities perform multiple ceremonies.

The Okra constitutes in itself a sacred food for these deities who consider it an exquisite delicacy, this is called añaThey give various meats and food and once it has cooked it is served as an offering before the receptacles of the Orishas.

Shine bath with Okra to obtain unfoldment.

Bath with Okra Santeria

Baths that are made with Okra They have the property that everything flows, as it is well known that it has a viscous fluid that makes everything slide.

The Okra acts as an effective antidote against the evil eye, highlighting its use to stop gossip, undo spells and weaken obsessing spirits.

How to prepare the bath?

To prepare the lustral bath with Okra requires a dozen of these, common water and cascarilla.

  1. The okras are taken and cut into slices, once cut they are placed in a container with water where they are left to rest for a few minutes.
  2. After these, the preparation is strained.
  3. The water that was filtered was añade cascarillaThis can be used as a rinse after a routine bath.

This liquid is used from the neck to the rest of the body, always respecting the head.

What will this powerful healing Ritual with Okra serve us for?

This bath attracts iré, development and good fortune, at the same time that it removes many of the evils that plague man spiritually.

It is considered a healing ritual capable of restoring the purity of the aura.

The lustral bath with Okra allows the person involved to surround himself with new energies, which will allow him to make better decisions without being directly affected by public opinion about his actions.

It is recommended to perform this ritual before the end of the year, to start 2021 full of good vibes.

The bath with Okra It is a simple ceremony but no less effective than others, all those religious who experience it are capable of observing in a short period of time the results that are produced from its performance.

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