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Spiritual work How to remove bad luck from our car?

Remove bad luck in a car

It is important to understand that both negative and positive energies are always present in our environment, so we must work on their balance to keep the paths open.

When should we do this ritual?

Many times our car, car or automobile, as we want to call it, does not come out of one problem to enter another, most of the time worse, and we must pay attention to this.

Above all, we do not have to wait for it to suffer damage if we protect it spiritually from bad energies in advance, being protected it will be easier to overcome the inconveniences.

Our bodily and spiritual energies can also negatively affect our home and our belongings, even the people around us, that's why at the end of this post we also recommend taking a ritual bath to purify.

Tips, in this ritual it is recommended:

  • Do it on Friday, day of the week that I recommend
  • you should start doing it at night for best results
  • You can repeat it as many times as you consider necessary each week.

You will work this work at the foot of your protective spirits and guiding ancestors, beings who take care of us at every step, we beg them, intercede for us.

This spiritual ritual is very simple to do, except that faith must be paramount because without it nothing will work out.

«Faith does not make things simple, but possible»


  • 3 lemons
  • 4 glasses of white vinegar 
  • 1 level teaspoon of coarse salt
  • Container
  • 1 candle
  • Tobacco
  • White rum or brandy
  • A new white cloth (fabric) or sponge

A ritual to protect your car from negative energies

  1. First we must grate the lemons with the help of a grater, and while we keep it.
  2. When they are already shelled, chop them in half and squeeze them, because you will need that juice.
  3. In a pot you pour the vinegar and give it a slight boil, then turn it off.
  4. Carefully pour the zest, lemon juice and salt into the pot.
  5. You will let this mixture rest until it has cooled, strain it and put it in a container.

To remove bad luck in a car, you must bear in mind that spirituality and faith are essential, set your intention and ask your spirit guides for their help.

energy cleaning of our car

As we already have all the elements ready, we will begin to do the ritual of cleaning and purification of our car.

  • For this ritual you must first light a candle to your protective spirits in a corner of the kitchen floor, you will also blow rum and tobacco smoke.
  • In front of the candle you put the container and talk with the beings of light that accompanied you.añan of the ritual you perform in his name and what you need through his intercession.

Still with the candle lit, you will go to the car and take the white cloth or new sponge (this element should only be used in this work).

How should we clean the car?

  • With the damp cloth you will first clean the inside of your car, starting with the left side and then the right side.
  • When you finish cleaning inside, you are going to do the same operation on the outside of the car, first you will do it on the outside right side and then on the outside left side, that is, in reverse.

Every time you finish a part you squeeze the cloth or sponge, soak it again and so on, until you finish.

Let the car dry only so that the positive energy of the preparation is impregnated in it, remember that the candle will remain lit until you finish the ritual.

As an optional tip, you can blow tobacco smoke into the car after finishing the cleaning ritual, first you blow it inside and then outside, and here the work would end.

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