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Orula and Obatalá cursed the Rat for ungrateful and treacherous

Rat in Ogbe Otura

At the beginning of time when Olofin was still perfecting creation, the universe commissioned Obatala to guard the earth.

While Eleggua He was the Orisha appointed to watch over the gate of the kingdom of heaven.

From his position, the youngest of all the saints was in charge of collecting the requests that humans made to Olofin and when the day ended, Eshú took them to Orunmila and he collected them because he was the creator's secretary.

Due to this chain that developed, Eshu was the first to know the problems of man.

Pataki by Ogbe Otura: The Rat receives help from the orishas but is NOT grateful

One day on earth a conflict broke out between the animals where they attacked the rat, accusing it of being unattractive and stinky, a reality that ended in physical attacks.

The monkey, seeing the state of the rat, took it and brought it to Elegguá to ask him to help it get to Orunmila.

Eshú took pity on her and allowed her to approach Orunmila.

When the rat got to where it was orula She asked him to turn her into a human being because she could no longer bear to continue living among the animals because they abused her.

Orula agreed to help the rat, but first they went to seek the approval of Obatalá, who suggested using the Rompezaragüey for the transformation.

After the rat began to take the baths, its mutation began to occur, becoming an extremely beautiful being.

Whoever forgets to thank, one day misfortune refreshes his memory!

The rat, surprised by its new appearance, left Orunmila's house without thanking him or Obatalá for their help.

With the passage of time she began to feel hatred for everyone around her, the monkey who ran into her one day and when he appreciated her superior to others wanted to be like her, then the rat told her:

  • come to meañana that I will help you.

to the mañaNext, the rat prepared the same baths that it had given the monkey.

Ritual that had a positive effect on this and the other animals, seeing this, begged the rat to help them as well.

The monkey who knew the origin of the rat's change told everyone that Obatalá and Orula had helped it, truth that it was in charge of dissipating it completely.

Eshú who was passing by heard the words of the rat and ran to tell the Orishas who cursed the rat to live hidden in the burrows since that day, as punishment for being ungrateful and treacherous.   

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