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Why did the diviner Orunmila habita in a wooden container?

Orula receptacle

orunmila the great diviner of Ifá, is the deity in charge of watching over the destiny of human beings.

The wise Orisha treasures the vicissitudes of man, those who are deeply rooted in jealousy, at the same time that he offers them the solutions to escape unscathed from the crossroads that life prepares without prior notice.

Orula is the saint who represents intelligence, enforcing the old proverb that quotes that ideas are more powerful than brute force, because while the second declines with the passing of the years, the first becomes fertile with their arrival.

The Oracle of Ifá superimposes the realization of good above all things, it is one of his duties towards Olodumare and the world to maintain the balance between supernatural forces and the human race.

The sacred Receptacle of Orula:

orunmila habita in a wooden receptacle because this is its natural element par excellence, hence the reason that its board and ékuele have this material.

Wood connects you with the spirit of Mother Nature, while establishing an unbreakable bond with Ozai, the Orisha protector of the secrets related to plants.

Wood is the natural element through which the Oracle of Ifá manifests itself.

The relationship between Orunmila and wood goes back to the moment of his birth when he was hidden in the entrails.añas of a tree by Eleggua, the holy owner of all roads in order to save his life.

Some time after that same tree he obtained his first board and his ékuele, at the hands of Shango, who carved both pieces in order for Orula to use them in the gift of divination, a benefit that he obtained and knew how to apply with justice from the first day he received his consecration in the sacred Rule of Ifá, becoming the creditor of all its secrets .

On the wooden board, Orula works making predictions and ebbós in order to provide help to those who knock at his door.

He is a disinterested Orisha because he never does good by expecting anything in return.

One of the things that the soothsayer does not forgive is betrayal and selfishness, since he considers that these defects require correction, so that whoever suffers from them is taught about his actions in his own flesh.

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