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Ozain's receptacle that holds his Ashe and Power

Ozain's receptacle

Osain embodies the essence of nature in the Yoruba pantheon, it is the deity that accompaniesaña a Shango in many of his battles serving as a healer.

This Orisha who is the supreme connoisseur of herbs and their magical properties is represented by a Güiro that hangs in the air, from which four feathers hang.

Ozain's Guiro
Guiro of Ozain

Some of its receptacles They are made by means of a jicotea carapace, others are materialized by means of clay jars which contain inside three otas (stones) from the mountain, the place where the deity dwells.

The casserole, receptacle of the Orisha of the mountain.

The Orisha, possessor of the secret of the herbs, transports his messages and spells through the leaves that are swayed by the wind, in turn he can reveal secrets and obtain answers with the help of nature itself, since its source of power lies in it.

Osain can also materialize through the casserole of the practitioners of the Mayombe Stick Rule, a representation on which they perform immolations and spells.

This receptacle is made of iron or clay, inside it contains ingredients, tools and sticks from the mountain. 

Between the ingredients required to bring this representation to life we can quote very briefly:

  • the Land of the four corners,
  • the land of bibijagüero,
  • the earth coming from the door of the house,
  • strong and foundation sticks,
  • schnapps,
  • animal immolations,
  • sacred herbs among other elements.

The shell of the jicotea is Osain's habitation.

For the descendants of the Osain Congos habita in the carapace of a turtle the one that is consecrated through rites and the use of herbs.

This new cabin for the Orisha is subjected to the sun and serene for twelve days in order to give it more power and strength.

How is the Osain receptacle consecrated?

The consecrations of the receptacles of the Orishas in Osha they see their origins guided by religious secrecy.

It is known in the public light and according to mysteries revealed by the religious that herbs are perhaps the most important ritual element to promote the settlement of the spirit of the deity inside its habitat.

In this case that we refer specifically to the holy owner of the secret of the Osha herbs, this belief takes more force and the inexperienced religious stop underestimating the sacred power that Mother Nature possesses.

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