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Sayings with wise teachings of Ifá Test

Sayings of Osha and Ifá

These ancestral sayings are old African proverbs of multi-ethnic and multicultural origin that denote the wisdom and experience of Osha and Ifá.

In Osha-Ifá sayings are included as the foundation of its divinatory system, their interpretation opens our eyes to destiny, in the present, the past and the future.

Proverbs in our religion over time have become an important part of our culture.

It is unlikely that there will be a query without mentioning a divinatory saying of Ifá, these, together with the patakies show the ancestral history of our religion.

What is Ifá?

Ifá is a religious system of teachings, its word contains a universe of wisdom about the past, the present and the future.

But Ifá is more than a religion, it is life, it is existence itself, it represents creation, nature, the beginning and the end.

Let's learn through the interpretation of the following sayings, a small part of the powerful word of Ifá.

10 Ifá phrases:

Bits of teachings that make us reflect and help us find balance in our lives.

  1. Do not throw stones on someone else's roof if yours is made of glass.
  2. The whim is not the work of intelligence.
  3. One commits the crime and another charges the guilt.
  4. The evil you do to yourself will go away.
  5. The ideas of a good man are like a gold ingot.
  6. He who makes winds picks up storms.
  7. When it is fatal, even the dogs piss it.
  8. The master's eye makes the horse fat.
  9. The dog has 4 legs and takes only one path.
  10. When we have war with our own head, we are always defeated.

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Play and learn with the following knowledge test and do not forget to share the result with everyone, help us to spread teachings about our religion.

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