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Do you know these 4 Sayings of the Iroso Meyi sign? Warnings and tips

Sayings of Iroso Meyi

orula Through the signs of Ifá, it gives each religious advice that is very useful for their life, as guided by these, human beings will err less in the fulfillment of their dreams, being able to achieve their goals as soon as possible.

Iroso Meyi is a sign where the purposes are fulfilled, but man must work hard to achieve them.

1. The one who gave birth straight and the one who gave birth hunchback

Iroso Meyi is a sign where it is very difficult to look good and share criteria with the rest of the world, because in one way or another the conflicting opinions are a phenomenon that has almost governed the evolution of the human being.

Although it is valid to emphasize that things change when criticism is moved by destructive feelings or words that seek to hurt instead of help.

This odun is marked by these questions, for this reason Orunmila recommends the religious not to interfere in other people's affairs or allow intruders to want to distort your life or overshadow your achievements.

You should always give yourself respect so that those around you are forced to do so.

2. If a bird wants to peck a stone that is armed with a steel beak

With this saying Orula teaches the religious not to embark on wars that he will not be able to win and predicts the need to prepare for other battles, which will be difficult to overcome.

In this odun, the fights are only won when the appropriate weapons are used, the main one being the ebbó.

3. When the eagle lives, the canary has no chance

This phrase is a metaphor for the food chain where the strongest survive and the weak perish trying.

Orunmila warns the religious of the inequality between two people who are waging the same war, but on opposite sides, where the one who is more powerful will have a better chance of winning.

It may be referring in turn to a conflict between a boss and his subordinate.

4. The Sun sets for some, but for others it does not

This saying refers to the opportunities that come into the lives of human beings, those that are taken advantage of by the intelligent and wasted by the ignorant, who, trusting that they will be repeated, let them escape again and again.

Iroso Meyi is a sign of inequalities, but despite this Orunmila offers each human being what they deserve, at the same time that he exhorts them to enjoy what they have so that when luck changes they know how to value what they lost.

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