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Some interesting sayings from Iwori Bogbe What does this sign tell us?

Iwori Bogbe Sayings

In Iwori Bogbe It is necessary for the religious to study and prepare for life, since many things will depend on his knowledge in the future.

This is an Ifá where man cannot be involved in gossip because he discredits himself.

The individual cannot raise false testimonies or curse because his injuries will end up persecuting him. 

I give everything to know what I do not know

In Iwori Bogbe the person has a disturbing hunger for knowledge, due to this he acquires prestige in the religious field and in the work environment where he develops.

In this letter the person becomes an Ifa scholar and thanks to his knowledge he can save thousands of people.

The religious ruled by Iwori Bogbe:

  • He is a self-sacrificing person who likes to do things well,
  • He is a perfectionist and
  • does not take no for an answer.

Death is preferable to humiliation

The person in this Ifá:

  • She is proud
  • does not admit being defeated,
  • believes she is the mother of the world and
  • he often carries the responsibility of many of his family members on his shoulders.

The religious in this sign does not tolerate incompetence and it is an embarrassing fact to obtain a disastrous result in his purposes.

Through this Ifá, the individual takes care of suffering from hot flashes.

Don't listen or watch what happens through the wall

  • In this odun, curiosity is taboo.

The person should not meddle in matters that do not concern him because he will end up discredited.

Do not express your opinion or take advantage of the lives of others, focus on yours and let those around you make their own decisions, because sometimes when you have advised them they have ended up bothering you with your words.

The wisdom of another prevents the individual from being called a fool

This saying makes it clear that the person will be saved by another who without thinking will make a suggestion that will give an unexpected turn to his life, leading him on the right path.

When you have doubts, consult them so that in this way the result of your project is satisfactory, especially when it comes to religious ceremonies, because with a wrong step you can harm the life of another.

In this world ignorance is expensive, it is advisable to study rather than blindly venture into a field that you do not know.

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