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4 Sayings of the odun of Ifá Iroso Meyi and their meaning Use intelligence!

Iroso Meyi Sayings

Iroso Meyi It is an Ifá where intelligence is an effective weapon to solve problems and defeat enemies.

Under this letter the religious is destined for large projects.

The man governed by this odun will become a priest of Ifá and the woman will be a santera to whom a religious people will be presented at the door of her ilé (house).

1. There are those who take out an eye to see another blind

In this Ifá, envy and bad actions are events that frequently plague the religious ruled by this letter.

Sign where the enemy is capable of being harmed only by seeing his opponent affected.

In Iroso Meyi you cannot lower your guard or let people who have unfairly detained you enter your ilé.añado in the past and show regret, because in most cases they will approach you out of interest and in bad faith.

2. No one knows what is at the bottom of the sea

Iroso Meyi is a sign where many secrets are kept and the religious is continually involved in new questions.

For this letter it is necessary not to be curious, because sometimes there are events that it is better to remain anonymous, because if discovered they would trigger major conflicts.

Ifá advises you not to get carried away by superficialities and to see beyond the physique of human beings, because on many occasions appearances can play a trick.

3. The sturdy hammer marks the floor with its head

Ifá warns through this phrase the importance of knowing the true meaning of humility, because there is no greater fortune than enjoying this good.

In Iroso Meyi the religious can sin because he is conceited and arrogant.

Defects on which you must work to improve your family relationships and with the rest of the people around you, thus avoiding that misunderstandings do not arise around you.

orunmila He predicts shame and loss for lack of humility and discipline.

4. Without obstacles there are no successes

Obstacles come to the life of the religious to make him grow. If man takes them as a challenge, these misadventures will become goals overcome from which great lessons will be obtained.

If, on the contrary, difficulties are faced with fear, they will be seen as infinite abysses.

By this odun Ifá warns the religious that after the problems better times will come and that facing the obstacles will reap juicy successes.

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